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Alexz (alexz187) wrote,
@ 2006-02-11 22:14:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Third Eye - Tool

    Trip to Weatherly
    This weekend's been pretty good. Last night I hung out with Mel. We went to the Bowmanstown Diner for fries. After that we drove to McDonald's to get ice cream. I got really hyper. We decided to make plans to try and get out to WEatherly to see Zack so we gave him a call. After that we went home because it was close to 11. Zack called again and I talked to him for a little while.

    Today Mel picked me up around 1:00. We drove out to Nesquehoning to find their McDonald's because we're meeting people there tomorrow. Then we drove around Weatherly looking for a gas station until Zack got back to us. Turns out weatherly doesn't have a gas station so we went back to Nesquehoning. After the tank was full we went to pick up Zack. We were a little lost at first but everything worked out. We drove around. He showed us his school. It was a fun day.

    Tomorrow we are going to watch Chris's band practice. fun fun. Hope fully we can get Allie to come with us.

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