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Alexis Calaway (alexis_calaway) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 19:50:00
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    Current mood:crushed
    Current music:Kings VS Mavericks Game- GO KINGS

    So, I need to update don't I? Normally, I'd probably have a lot to say. But, I'm at a lack of..well words. Things were looking up for me..then I got really I just locked myself up in my room. I had no idea the "guy that everyone seems to be lusting after", was the guy that came over to my room with flowers, and ....practically swept me off my feet. He is a doll, and I can tell why everyone likes him so much. I've decided to just give him some space, because it looks like he may need it. He seems to have a lot going at him right now, and I think I may just be complicating things for him. But, part of me thinks I should talk to him...make sure he's ok. I don't know what to do. But, I still have the flowers he gave me. They made me feel better when I was sick.

    I haven't talked to anyone in a really long time. Parker..Candace..girls! Where are you? I misss you. <3 And Max, I miss him too. I just don't miss his feathers.

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2003-05-09 02:00 (link)
go mavericks.. *winks*

my name's rockett and i don't believe we've met.

you're so getting a call from me! *smiles*

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2003-05-09 18:40 (link)
I did get to meet you. And I love you already!! <3
Mavericks did kick ass last night. Psh!

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2003-05-11 02:33 (link)
I wish you had called me when you were sick...although I wouldn't have been able to do much. My "real" little sister was sick back at I had to go out there. She called me and did the "i'm too sick to go on i need you" voice. That wins everytime. We need to hang out. Call me when you feel like going out or something.

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2003-05-11 19:46 (link)
I miss you too! - hugs you tightly and runs a feather down your sides, then hides it looking innocent -.

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2003-06-27 11:43 (link)
hey i noticed in your interests it said you liked kelly clarkson. well i was wondering if you might be interested in my community: kelly_fanz ok..later

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2004-01-02 21:02 (link)
I kept wondering where Alexis vanished to? :: Pouts with his feet. ::

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2004-01-02 21:02 (link)
I kept wondering where Alexis Shaped vanished to? :: Pouts with his feet. ::

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