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ashlyn mccarthy (aleciannstone) wrote,
@ 2012-04-21 09:58:00
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    "Life With Woody" 10 inspirational quotes than can better yourself
    It may take a small coffee or possibly a limited rounds of beer or any different booze you might receive a hands on with regards to calming after a difficult day's work. Well, yeah I'm guilty regarding which one too, unless I'm caught dead wearing a lampshade over my head following a few rounds of vodka? half-naked! Okay, bad example and I apologize to everyone reading this after getting nightmares about me inside which state of drunken stupor.

    Just don't ask how it happened, please.

    But what's really interesting nfu oh is the fact that how do persons go from the normal part of life when faced with vein-popping strain? I mean, the modern age thing like Zen or yoga is regarded as the advantageous aspects plus it actually functions. Is there space for the intellectual side of people who can really smell the roses-in-a-can while on the move? It kind of had me thinking which there absolutely need to be anything in this 'mind-over-matter' thing.

    Humor is indeed the number one medicine there is whenever you're. I mean anyone may pay good money to listen to a comedian really to create we wet the pants following laughing so difficult. Despite of what's been happening, plus to those who has gone though the ordeal, it's greater to just laugh while facing the troubles with a clear notice than anger with a clouded vision. One of my favorite celebrities of all time might have to be Woody Allen. Now this is 1 guy who offers we the in-your-face bluntness that he pulls out with gusto, even without even trying. You are able to talk merely about anything with a guy, plus he's bound to mock the subject and you'll end up laughing instead of being upset regarding it.

    Woody Allen has this to say:

    1. "Money is better than poverty, when only for financial factors." It sounds advantageous to me, I mean the practicality of all items does involve income yet it doesn't have to take an arm along with a leg to get it.

    2. "I believe there is something available watching you. Unfortunately, it's the government." 'Nuff said.

    3. "There are worse details in life than death. Have we ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?" This happens to be one of the classic ones. I mean the problem about life's small problems isn't all which bad, till 'he' shows up.

    Sure, relationships could get complicated, or does have its complications that probably any author regarding relationships is bound to discover it soon. We follow what the heart desires, unless you're talking about the heart because inside the heart that pump blood throughout your body.

    4. "Love is the answer, but whilst you're waiting for the answer, sex raises certain pretty interesting issues." And if you would like more, just keep on asking!

    5. "A quick word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me, she said 'no'." It sounds, 'practical', I think.

    And when it comes to everyday life, he truly knows how to create the number one from every possible scenario, plus it doesn't include a lawsuit when he strikes a nerve.

    6. "Basically my spouse was immature. I'd be at home in the shower and she'd come in and sink my boats." I not had a boat in my bathtub before. Simply staring at it whilst soaking inside hot water makes me seasick already.

    7. "I am not scared of death, I simply don't wish To be there when it arises." If it rains, it pours.

    8. "I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose." It may get worse when you're guzzling on beer? or mouthwash, and it occurred to me once!

    9. "If you like to create God laugh, tell him regarding the plans." At least he doesn't smite us with lightning, and I'm thankful for that.

    And despite of what could happen to all of you in the upcoming ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I guess you all have to see elements in a different form of light and not only perspective. I can't seem to imagine existence without any piece of wisdom which can guide you. Whether we're religious or not, it takes more courage to accept your worries and discover how to deal with them is all which matters with regards to even just getting along.

    And to sum things up, here is the last nugget of wisdom to go by? still, whenever, and where you can be.

    10. "The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what we have, rather of what you don't have."

    Ciao!nfu oh
    nfu oh polish
    nfu oh nail

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2012-04-21 12:37 (link)
I love Woody Allen. Of all the quotes listed, this one is my favorite:

"A quick word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me, she said 'no'."

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