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Alarid Dath'Reman (alarid) wrote,
@ 2005-02-08 16:07:00
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    alright. so ive described the people. now for the events. so. friday morn. wake up, shower, pack. go to bus station. notice low batteries. go to extra foods, radio shack and zellers in search of batteries. fail to find any. get on bus. long trip. stop in terrace. buy an A&W root beer and batteries. get on bus, retreat to pumpkinland. came back to real life to give a stuffed chicken/duck a tri-hawk. retreated back into pumpkinland. arrive in smithers around 6. go to DQ, eat a banana split. then on to Smithers Secondary. through stuff in a class room, go to this mini-concert thing by our group leaders. then get separated into groups, choosing where you think you belong skill-wise. i stayed till the end. the last people were the highest, got put in two groups. go me, thats were i was. as i said, my group was awesome. had our first session thing. played random blues, improv over it. some nice work done by all. then got sent out with our billets. me, andrea and alyssa were billeted with grade 8 flute player. nice girl, nice house, nice family. kinda far out of town. we were in the basement, i got the big comfy king sized bed. fairly nice sized gym also. showered, went to bed. woke around 5 30, couldnt get back to sleep. treadmilled for a while. had a shower, went upstairs to eat. drove into town, back to the school. had second session thing. new people arrive in group. we play tenor madness, suitable with four tenors. break, then sectionals. i go to the alto/woodwind one, marking the switch to my normal fluteness. everyone in there is all impressed at my ability to hold a note for more than 10 seconds. kinda pitiful, but hey. lunch comes along. i dislike the subway sandwiches being served so i went into a room and played my sax. will continue later.

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