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You only live once, so make it worth it . . . . (al420xo) wrote,
@ 2004-12-29 01:19:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:phish- heavy things

    i heart phish....
    even after awhile its still sad about phish.....but thats another topic....sunday we got up to nh i wasnt feeling so good so i feel asleep on the couch...but i was so out of it i started crying so my mom took me upstairs and put me to bed....i woke up and kept getting sick it was gross :( but i talked to tim which made me feel better....i slept all day adn night basically then woke up around 5 a.m up cleaned my room,took a shower and finally ate something,feel back asleep though and woke up when dan called to see if i was going out him and joe came and picked me up around 9:30 and we did a few runs but i felt really dizzy and still sick so i came home....then i hung out in the hottub alone for an hour,talked to ashley,and i forget the rest of the day it was mostly chilling out with my sisters and mary...wait i got some pictures back from tabor soo if anyone wants to see them im me :) went to sleep around 2...

    woke up around 11:30..walked down to the mountian to find my daddy...caught up with him went to camp III to get some lunch...took a few runs...then walked back home....called tim...studied for midterms cuz my parents are making me start...went out to dinner with the family...i saw tony and mike...i hadnt seen them since last year about i think idk umm...came home...more studying eww...speaking of that i have to go finish something or my dad wont give ash a ride tomorrow uh oh!!

    xo aL

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