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Angel with an A (ajsutter) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 11:00:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Live Bodeans CD from Jeff

    Another day in Paradise...
    I've decided to try and be more positive about everything. I was so negative and got myself in such a funk last week that I think I literally made myself sick. The one phrase that keeps running through my head is :This is the first day of the rest of your life." It is! And no matter how bad the money problems seem right now, or how much I hate my job, or how weird my relationship with Matty is, it's all going to work out. I should just relax and enjoy the ride, and I know that everything I encounter makes me a stronger, better person.

    James is constantly pointing out to me that I am extremely hard on myself. I tear myself down a lot and pick on my shortcomings. But you know what, in the whole scheme of things, what difference does it make if I am not the prettiest, skinniest, most talented and successful person I know? Instead I want to try to focus on just being the best all around person I can be. And I want to concentrate on loving myself more. On shutting out the inner judge. And letting myself be however I want to be without passing immediate judgment on myself CONSTANTLY.

    Yay for being positive. Don't let everyone around you make you negative too.

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it's LYDIA!
2003-07-15 03:20 (link)
hey buddy!!!

first of all, my advice is "you're a duck.... (waving hand motion from left to right, up to down) ... the water rooolllllls off your back!" ;)

second of all, i am glad you stopped whining. :) whining does you no good, missy! when i had my real job for a year and was all depressed that my hands didn't work and how dare i have to quit and then work a job that pays shit and you don't need a degree for... well, 2.5 years later i am the happiest *ever* and am (mostly) over the fact that i don't have a "real" job. i'm not saying you don't need a real job or that we are in the same sitch, but you need to do something that will make you *feel* good... you may not deserve to have a great job fall in your lap but you sure did spend enough money and time in college and you're smart and cool enough to derserve to be happy. so go do something you *want* and forget your crappy proofreading gig!!! (perhaps go to london, asap...? ;)

but before you do that, come over to my new apt and let's figure ourselves out!!!!

love, lydia

ps-i love angela!!!!!!!!!!!

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