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Aimee (aimee_sova) wrote,
@ 2003-09-19 15:00:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Kittie - This Town

    Look's can be decieving..kinda.
    So, my mom dropped me off at the bustop..and some kid's mom was there, ranting and raving about someone picking on her son.

    NOW I though that was his sister. She's about the same size as me, maybe even shorter. Anywho, she seemed pretty cool..yeah.

    I kinda went all out today on that whole -gothic- thing..

    People I went to Middle School with, take it as a BIG change..because I used to dress casual, even preppy sometimes. Especially last year. Oh lord..

    It was kinda hard to breathe with that collar around my neck, and one of my pant chains hooked onto it. But hey, it looked sweet. =)

    This week went by pretty fast, and I'm ready for the weekend. Going to the dollar show and my poor friends. It's gonna be fun.

    On the way home from school, I kept singing "This Town." Living in a town like Taylor just -makes- you want to sing that. Lmao.

    "Reality is just an illusion created by alcoholic defiency" - Gabe
    "Keep your mouth shut and you will never bite off more than you can chew." - W.G.P.

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2003-09-19 17:15 (link)
You fat short Dyke.

Gothic poeple are Gay.

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Re: Haha.
2003-09-25 08:14 (link)
Ok. One thing. I AM NOT fat. I have pictures to prove it. =)

Whoever posted this can lick my clit.

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