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Deviant-Aia (aia) wrote,
@ 2004-10-10 17:05:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Mr. Caly (Bamboo)

    One Saturday morning I just felt like going to Quiapo for some dvd hunting. Knowing me, super lakas kong topakin. I was glad when my friend Abs dropped by our house during lunchtime. I asked him to accompany me to Quiapo. Sobrang neophyte ko kaya sa place na yun. Ewan ko, mas kalmado pa'ko pag nasa Divisoria ako dahil dun ako lumaki. Bawat sulok 'ata ng Divi kabisado ko na.

    Back to Quiapo, so pagdating namin sa Tomas Mapua St., Sta. Cruz (yung malapit sa Funeraria Paz), Abs and I decided to walk na lang kasi super traffic eh. Yup, di na sa Doroteo Jose dumadaan yung mga jeep. Grabe kaya. As is sobrang malayo yung nilakad namin. Pero at least feeling ko mas safe dun sa ginawang park ni Atienza. Dati kasi pinapamugaran yun ng mga snatchers eh. So naglakad kami hanggang sa dalhin kami ng mga paa namin sa Quiapo Church. May nakapagsabi kasi sa'kin na sa Hidalgo St. mero daw dung 1 bldg. na puro dvd ang tinda. Not knowing what Hidalgo side, we went to Mercury Drug and made tanong to aling nagtitinda ng damit. She pointed to the wrong side so ayun nagmura na yung feet ko sa sobrang haba ng nilakad namin. Good thing pagdating namin malapit sa underpass, there was this kind soul who told us na nasa kabilang side pala yung building na hinahanap namin.

    As we reached the other side, to the so-called 'dvd kingdom'.. we were overwhelmed to see thousands of dvds on sale. Super mura pa @ P65. Abs and I started to ask for "Queer as Folk" dvds. Too bad di kasya sa budget namin so baka yun ang balikan namin next time. Btw, yung nakita namin was the building na de-aircon. I was able to buy 4 dvds there. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Dogville and a French movie (na nakalimutan ko na yung title).

    I thought that was it. When we traversed the street near Mini-stop, I was apalled by dozens of people entering this narrow hallway. Natawa nga ko kay Abs when this guy offered him this porn movie eh (and twice!!). Whoa. This was bigger!! Super nagkalat mga in malulula ka talaga. I promised myself that next time I will make a list kasi sobrang nakaka-entice bilhin lahat eh. Yung Sex and the City and Queer as Folk as in super ganda ng packaging!!! hahahaha. We went to the 2nd floor and there I found 'Pieces of April' and 'Kenpark' (sounds familiar, browncow?)

    Hilig ko talaga sa indie films. I was able to watch Pieces of April and Dogville and all I can say is sobrang galing ni Katie Holmes and Nicole, add to that a superb plot. (as in pauso talaga!!) Lars Von Tier is my new idol!! hahaha.

    Siguro papanoorin ko yung "Kenpark" sa Monday pag ala na parents ko. Abs told me that after watching it he was so horrified to the nth level. This I have to see. =)

    Thank God for Quiapo. Yes to piracy! hahaha.

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2004-10-10 09:38 (link)
Samahan mo naman ako jan!!!

Ang ganda ng Dogville noh?!?! Favorite scene ko jan yung asa loob si Nicole ng apple truck!

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2004-10-10 22:27 (link)
hahaha. fave scene ko yung ending. Sa simula pa lang kilala ko na yung mob boss so I was expecting na magkakaroon ng bloodbath. The people deserve it. Galing talaga ni Nicole!! =)

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