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Deviant-Aia (aia) wrote,
@ 2004-10-05 17:30:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:My Boo (Usher and Alicia Keys)

    lost na lost!
    Nakaka-harrass ang finals week! Sigh. Im starting to have pimples, not to mention these gigantic eyebags. Mukha akong tumanda ng 5 years. hahahaha. Promise super ngarag talaga. Ilang gabi na rin akong less than 5 hours ang tulog ha. 'Di ko kinaya. Add to that na nag-crash yung pc sa bahay. Sabi sira yung processor pati motherboard. It's so unfair kaya! I have papers to finish tapos ngayon pa nagkaganito. P18,000 daw aabutin. Might as well buy a new one, debah? Good thing may partner ako so kahit papapaano he could print what've researched sa net... haaaayyy...

    I'm really looking forward na mag-sembreak na. I'm so exhausted! I think I deserve to relax naman somewhere. Kakainggit nga yung friend ko eh, punta syang Bali, Indonesia sa sembreak. Ako kaya? Puro damuhan lang sa Bulacan narating ko eh. Sana'y talaga maging super ok yung acads ko para naman matuwa sa'kin mom ko at payagan nya kong mag-bakasyon. I'm sure baka nasa tindahan na naman ako nito sa sembreak if ever. Divisoria girl ever!! hahaha.

    Gosh, sana ok exam ko tomorrow. 6 exams to go!! bwahahahha.

    btw, Ron Howard (A beautiful Mind, Apollo 13) is signed on to direct movie version of The Vinci Code and Akiva Goldsman( A beautiful mind, BATMAN AND ROBIN!) to write the screenplay. There are unconfirmed reports that Mr. Howard is in talks with Russel Crowe and Kate Beckinsale for the lead roles. hehe excited na'ko! =)

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2004-10-05 05:53 (link)
hey this is so cool! i also adore emily!!! hey i'm new here at blurty.. can i add you as my friend?

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2004-10-05 23:53 (link)
sure. =) do you have an early adopter account? coz if it's a free account, you're just limited to 10 friends.

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2004-10-06 05:19 (link)
hi! yeah, i do have a free account, but you're the first friend that i had here at blurty naman e. =]

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2004-10-05 11:33 (link)
Good luck with the exams!

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2004-10-05 23:54 (link)
hey, thanks! sayo rin! good luck sa thesis =)

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