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Morgan Sadie* (ahhfallingstar) wrote,
@ 2004-04-12 18:23:00
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    Current mood: silly

    Monday BABY!!
    Today was cool....BAND LUNCH!!!....had a nice quiet lunch with Be-tret-che, Lyn, and a visitor-->Jeffy...i stole his egg....Lindsay had a sandwich that i was questioning it was uhhhh *no comment*....but yah it was a swell lunch.

    I had lacrosse and we played at Plains...Trixie gave me a ride :) THANKS TRIX!! and Tamera, LAURA SAMPLE aka coolest kid EVER, and Lianne were also in the was an amusing ride...i got caught doing Laura up the bum bum :/ sorry dude.

    I have my first game tomorrow i'm soo nervous!!!

    I had fun waiting for my mom with Justin and Laddy...haha...CHECK ME CHECK ME!!! haha throwing Justin's drink around!! haha then it opened on him!!!!! I was sooo mad that i couldnt go to Tanya's house tho :( next time next time!!!

    So yah that kid IM's me...and is all like "blah blah blah, i'm hurt, blah blah" and i'm like yahh tell someone that cares hahah LINDSAY i said it!!!!!!!!! lol

    I have dance tonight so i'll see ya around!!


    P.S. Lil' Fraser i missed you today at practice :( :(

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2004-04-12 17:47 (link)
Morgan, I love you like my own sister. <333333


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2004-04-12 17:51 (link)
awww Lauren I Love You Too :) :)

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2004-04-12 20:27 (link)
heres your fetus morgan!!

I adopted a cute lil' fairy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

lots of love
<3 relish

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2004-04-13 11:50 (link)
i thought we were actually friends again.....and if you want proof ill send you the cat scans and x-rays of my back.......

that kid

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2004-04-14 20:39 (link)
nahhh thats okay...i think i'll be fine without those

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2004-04-14 17:27 (link)

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2004-04-14 20:38 (link)
uhhh sure?

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