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Morgan Sadie* (ahhfallingstar) wrote,
@ 2004-04-05 18:14:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:TOXIC!!!!

    My weekend...and then Monday
    I'm Starting off with Sat cause that was one hell of a night!!

    -->Saturday, Kyle, Jeff, Greg, Soap and Me went to Lindsay's house...ummm no details was a double F night...Fun and FUCK YOU!!!....uhhhh yah...Lindsay I Love You Soooo Much!!...he's guna *no comment* :)

    -->Sunday, I had a dance competition....haha Lindz trying to get ready at my house and forgetting the right tights...."yah bring every pair tan tights in the drawer!" lol...too many more giggles...KYLE AND JEFF CAME!!! awww thanks guys :) you're the best that ment sooo much :)....haha Jeff I wont talk about what you were doing/thinking while you were watching lol jk jk you rock baby!!...Kyle..:) thanks babe!!

    -->Monday....SHOUT OUT TO THE COOLEST KID EVER *LAURA SAMPLE!!!*...wahoo!!!!....All day i've had MUSTANG SALLY!!! stuck in my head and Sweet Home Alabama lol..werid HUH!!!....Anyways-->I had lacrosse it went swell i think lol....trying to figure out the plays while in the classroom with Ash....waiting for out beloved parents with Jeffy and Justin!!! yahhhh MAN!

    thats all...xoxo


    <3 Kyle

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2004-04-06 20:30 (link)
Write that down. It's tough spelling your own name. Bust out the big, lined paper, do the "dot dot baseline" and fold it in fours and write it 3659709 times because you know that helps you remember the spelling. Yeah good for first grade. Moving on.. Yeah so these faces. Now the yellow faces are deformed compared to the ones for im. And the eyes that are having spasms are freaking me out. They are completely buggin out and they need to calm down. The other ones were kinda random. Well, the star was half normal. And the green thing i picked, What is that? Honestly? Its like a disgusted guy who was gna throw up something and forgot to open his mouth so he turned green. So thats my analysis on the creepy images if you will. Poprocks and Coke <-- New favorite Green Day song. Yeah ya know you have an obsession problem when you have a favorite Green Day song aside from other good songs, but i mean you gta agree with me that Green day is won-der-ful. So after all my mindless babbling the point of me making a comment was because I WAS THE COOLEST KID EVER ON MONDAY!! WOOHOO! Since, i am the coolest kid ever i can make you THE SECOND COOLEST KID EVER. Because i heart morgan tons for life always and forever because she can tolerate me. Hmm, if you can tolerate me thats probably because ive made u insane, im sorry, oh well, you gta admit being completely insane makes life more tolerable : ). Guess what song just came on? Lithium-Nirvana. "I'm so happy cause ive found my friends, Im so ugly but thats okay cause so are you". Gta love the lyrics. I'm sure you've heard it b4... So now I've officially wasted at least 3 ppls lives, mine, yours, and theres gta be one person out there who was soo bored they were randomly reading journals then finished and started to read comments (Am i right? Oh yes, i speak from experience.) So anyway, peace off. ttyl xoxox Cya manananananananana. Maybe we'll get lucky and the four of us can be locked in a closet... Ha that sounds so bad... What can i say tho? Me and you in a closet, its a good time.

ME! (<-- and if you dont know who this is wow.)

Well its Laura for that third person's life i wasted, you can hit me in the face or something for that...

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Re: M-O-R-G-A-N
2004-04-07 17:16 (link)
wow were do i start?? OMG that was the coolest comment EVER!!!! i'm not even going to TRY and make mine as long lol....BAND BAND We're guna SKIP lol...i cant wait until that day lol....i'm the 2nd coolest kid ever lol thanks much more thanks for everything!!!!! xoxo

thanks again you rock my WORLD!!

..the one you made InSanE!!!!

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