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Dearest Helpless (afteruremotears) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 21:18:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:The Ataris - "Boys Of Summer"

    I'm sitting her waiting for Billy* to get online.. i can't wait to tell him that I like him.. well .. he already knows I like him.. He just doesn't know it's me lol.. So I'm gonna let him know when I see him online.. I just hope he tells me what i wanna hear. I'm gonna be sso fucking nervous.. last time i was shaking and i could hardly type lol.. but he told me not to be afraid.. God, I hope this will go well and we'll eventually date and he'll tell me the same thing but in a different situation.. :) hehe. My heart skips beats every time I hear someone get online from my buddy list lol.. I'm really nervous.. I'm just scared that he won't like me.. even though I know he does lol.. he's just scared of the age difference. but he doesn't need to be afraid.. I'm very good at keeping secrets. and it'd no one elses business but mine and his.. so. No one has to know except us..

    This time is passing very slowly... i wish i could speed it up somehow lol.. but i can't so i better stop complaining.. i hate when i complain.. i feel like cerissa when i do.. fuck i hate her so fucking much... DIE!!

    ok.. later

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