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*heather* (afgirlie131) wrote,
@ 2003-04-02 12:33:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:people typing..

    at school.. ick ick!
    ok.. so i'm in the computer lab in old chem.. bored as f*ck! like whoa.. hehehe.. me and jason have been together 2 years and 8 months now.. as of March 31st! :-D isn't that peachy? i know i know..

    so today wasn't too bad.. i actually dragged myself to physics to listen to rossill the fossil.. I call him rossil because his name is professor russell.. and i call him "the fossil"because he's like 100 years old.. he really really needs to consider retirement.. my guess is he retired like 50 years ago and got bored and is now employed by the wonderful university of cincinnati. ARGH! he needs to be evaluated.. all my profs give out evaluations at the end of the quarter.. not rossill!! whoa.. i'll have to post a little pic of him sometime.. it's on the university's physics website. when i have time..

    so i have to work tonight.. and then jason said he was going to visit me at work too.. wee! i love it when my boy comes to visit me.. gives me something to look forward to while i'm in that hellhole.. actually it hasn't been so bad lately. we have a new student helper.. and he's very enthusiastic about his job lol.. unlike me.. the unmotivated lazy student helper who sits on the internet and talks on the phone.. weeee! :) and then tomorrow night i can't go visit the jurkiewiczs with jason because i have to work again because my blind judgment boys have a show friday night and i can't work.. i have to be getting 20 hours a week in at work because i applied for financial help through the hospital and 20 hours is the minimum you can work to get it.. it's not that bad though.. because i never worked 20 hours before.. so i'll be getting more money.. and i got my insurance bill the other day! it was only 552!!!!! *does happy dance*.. that's like 100 dollars less from last time i paid.. but usually they split it up into two payments.. they haven't this time.. so i need to be saving because it's due on may 21st!! *eh hem* someone's birthday!! *wink wink* she knows who she is..

    so anyway.. hmm.. i haven't heard from my italian classmate from the past two quarters.. he moved to phoenix arizona for a co-op this quarter.. well for 6 months actually.. i talked to him once on AIM and he hasn't been back on since.. and i've been writing him emails.. and no response.. :( i miss my friend

    so far my quarter doesn't seem to be so bad.. i like my physics lab even though it's at 8 in the morning.. it's nice to get it over with so early in the day. and i like my psych class.. jason *krissy's jason* is taking it with me.. it's a night class at 6:30.. he had the prof last quarter.. said she's easy.. it was good last night..

    after we had our class we met everyone up at bdubs.. and i got to see muh baybuh! woot woot! he's a sexy sexy man.. we had fun.. we were laughing like the whole time.. good times.

    well i need to do some other stuff before my 1 oclock italian class.. ciao!!


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2003-04-17 13:47 (link)
Yes, you are right she knows who she is! Nice to know things are going fairly well for you
love ya much! ~Lauren

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