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Bryan Wuensche (aeagle20) wrote,
@ 2004-07-10 00:26:00
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    easy peasy, japanesey
    Hey whats going on tools... I'm at some friends house with Ian right now. We've been here since like 12:30 this morning, and I dont know where the hell we're going to sleep because Im supposed to go to the lake tomorrow with them and its a LONG ASSED drive out here again... Anyways, lets add something to the list of stuff I'd rather stick my 9" dick in a meat grinder than do.. Thats drive, people that like driving.. either have bad assed cars, or have their spot in hell reserved. Fuck these people. I know now why Donald Trump and people in his tax bracket have people drive them around... because it gets old. I cant even stand Manchaca to Liberty Hill at noon... I dont know what I'd do if I had to make that drive in 5 traffic. I dont know how the hell I made it all the way from my dads house to De Leon with a 2 hour flat tire detour and back... Today I was at sonic talking about how much I hate driving, and some dolt comes up and starts telling me about how much he loves driving... needless to say we took an hour and a half trip to the ER prying my foot out of his ass with a tire iron, what a tool

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2004-08-17 23:09 (link)
update u dirty whore! ;-)

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