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NAB (purely_metal) wrote in advicenanswers,
@ 2008-05-24 16:32:00
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    Hello group!
    I'm back again with a need for some advice. I've had manic-depression since I was 13 and have only been to one doctor and have been on countless medications. I quit going about 2 years ago and I'm still struggling to "keep myself afloat" so to speak. I've been having suicidal thoughts on and off since I was 13. I'm 18 now and they still come around. I've been thinking heavily about it for the past couple of weeks, with no intentions of following through with it I don't think, but I don't know if this is something that I should worry about or not. I've been through it before, and I've handled it, as you can very-well see. I've had no past suicide attempts, and the thoughts that I have now aren't even fully felt, if that makes sense. I don't know if I should just let this episode pass by or if suicidal thoughts are something to be concerned with despite the severity of it. If anyone can relate, please give me your feed-back and any suggestions you might have. Thank you guys so much!

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2008-05-30 01:50 (link)
Well, I can relate to your situation but I've asked myself these same questions so I'm sorry I can't be of much more help.
What I do when I'm feeling like this is go to the gym a lot (it helps me think and relax and I really enjoy it) so chose an activity that does this for you... read something new, become a photographer, a painter, buy some movies and watch them... keep yourself busy and see if it helps. I'm not manic-depressive but i do get really depressed quite often and it helps to not think too much about whatever is worrying me, even if its nothing, thinking about the whole "being sad and wondering why" gets me more depressed...
So, in my case this works. If you don't feel any better (but you really have to at least TRY it) then please get some help... maybe you need new medication, idk.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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