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Boquisa (boquisa) wrote in advancedsextips,
@ 2004-12-22 16:59:00
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    whats your opinion on getting fucked by 5 guys at once...mouth, ass, pussy and jack off with each hand...i love it what about all of you?

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2004-12-22 21:06 (link)
my opinion: calm down

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2004-12-22 22:44 (link)
I haven't been online for awhile, but I come back to see this and this is my opinion and I don't mean to offend you... but...

I think it's kind of slutty. And degrading to the girl doing it. It's disgusting. Five guys at once is way too many. Sorry to say, but damn... quit being so easy.

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2005-05-02 12:14 (link)
back before i've become takin I would say lets go but now I can't

Stella Kinsley

P.S. makes for a good Porn

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what I think. . .
2007-09-21 19:27 (link)
No one ever says its degrading to men if a man has sex with more than one girl at once. . . yet the 5 girls with the one man are STILL the degraded ones. It degrades women just saying that we degrade ourselves by getting more than one man up on us for once. WHEN are men being degraded? by having 3 girls on them? no. By having 10 girls all over them? no. women do two guys at once...they are being degraded, and slutty, at the same time? no i won't accept that. I don't even want more than one man on me. . .I love my baby and he's all i want personally. . .but if other girls have different tastes,

i won't degrade them by saying theyre wrong to want what men often get.

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