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Sexy Whore (sexywhore) wrote in advancedsextips,
@ 2004-11-20 12:27:00
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    Current mood:horny

    New and Horny
    Hey, I'm new. I'm 16, with 38 DD boobs [and that's not even a joke], a nice ass. I'mand a flat stomach. bi, and I'm not a virgin.


    1. At what age to you consider yourself to have "lost your virginity", if ever?
    I was 14.

    2. What do you consider the act during which you "lost your virginity", if ever?
    Back seat of a car, day of my first kiss [I move pretty fast]. He was 18 at the time.

    3. At what age did you first have penetration sex, if ever?
    14. It was amazing, too.

    4. At what age did you first participate in oral sex, if ever?
    14. I did a lot that night...

    5. At what age were you first fingered? fingered someone, if ever?
    First fingerd at 14, first fingered someone at 15

    6. At what age did you first participate in anal sex, if ever?
    15, but I hated it.

    7. Any other event for your sexual timeline you'd like to share?
    I've had a lot of sex. Girls, guys. Threesomes, kinky shit. I masterbate alot, too.

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2004-11-20 16:25 (link)
whoa, sorry, but i think you really need to slow down. sixteen is way to young to be doing a lot of things you said you've done.

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2004-11-21 09:51 (link)
Maybe so, but I'm mature for my age. Always have been.

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2005-01-06 17:37 (link)
Slow down? How about telling the truth. Either you're trying to get a rise out of people or stories from them. Whatever the case it's pretty lame, you should just stick to the eroticstories journal.

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