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This is Jess (jessmolestme) wrote in advancedsextips,
@ 2004-09-19 20:00:00
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    Current mood: curious

    public sex
    this weekend i am having sex in the back of a movie theater, most likely. or somewhere near, as in--perhaps in the car.

    but most likely in the back row of a nearly-empty movie.

    any suggestions/tips for positions?

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2004-09-19 22:27 (link)
be discrete. sex in public places is very exciting with the thrill of possibly being caught... on the other hand, actually being caught would obviously kill the mood. :) i would say wear a skirt and have him wear something where he can have easy access. get him ready with some making out and touching, and eventually slide slowly over so you're sitting on his lap. have him slouch and lean back against him... use the armrests to hold your body weight up and slowly ride him. i would recommend this slow sex so that other people in the theatre won't notice, or it's easy to freeze if someone is walking up or down the aisle.

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2004-09-21 19:30 (link)
awesome, thank you...that sounds like a good plan.

i was also thinking, perhaps...bring in a blanket. say...i might get cold. then if we decide that the slow sex is just not enough...(we want to spice it up)...we could perhaps lie it down on the floor and do it there. :)

sound good?
thanks again.
<3 jess

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2004-09-21 19:58 (link)
that's an idea, but then why not just have sex anywhere with a floor? i mean, it's reallllly narrow between the aisles, i dont know how much fun it would be to struggle having sex that way. but hey, if you're enjoying it, why the hell not.

i also wanted to appologize for the lack of help you got from sextips... people in that community often give great advice, so don't judge the community by comments that weren't totally designed to help... i don't expect everyone to like the idea of public sex just because i do, but still... hopefully next time you'll get a lot more positive feelback from your questions. :)

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2004-10-03 10:43 (link)
Go for it, as for on the floor, becareful you don't know how much stuff is down on that floor. Maybe dirty. Anyhow, definately easy access, if worse comes to worse, go to the back corner, usually this is very dark and if you really need things to get fast & furious you won't get caught here..


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