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Cheryl (boycrazygrl747) wrote in advancedsextips,
@ 2004-08-25 21:04:00
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    *cross posting in SexTips*

    i couldn't find this in the memories, and i think as i post you'll see why.

    i've hooked up with this guy a couple times, and i loved it all. he's very good at everything he does, and he's definitely a giver. now, in the past when i've hooked up with someone, they've almost always told me i gave the best head they've ever had and have almost always orgasmed. this guy, however, hasn't gotten off either time we hooked up. when i'd start going down on him (while most guys are hard), he's pretty soft... with my mouth and hands i can get him really hard, but not to orgasm. both times he's wanted to 69, so i thought maybe that's what turns him on.... still no orgasm. we decided to have sex, but when he put on the condom, he went soft again. so here are my questions....

    i'm confident in my blowjob techniques in general... but does anyone have a way to get him over the edge? i haven't had a chance to ask him how to get him off yet...

    and has anyone had the problem of going soft after putting on a condom (or semisoft during foreplay)? this is a brand-new problem for me, and i don't really know how to deal with it.

    and i know some people would tell me just to talk to him about it, but being that we're just casually hooking up at this point, it's harder to be that open... plus, he's shy. so i'm hoping to find better ways to get him off before i have to flat out ask him.

    thanks for your help, guys. it's ALWAYS appreciated. :)

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2004-10-08 11:57 (link)
maybe whilst your doing it next, just try a few random things and ask him if he likes them as your doing it? or get him a little drunk. not too much or it wont help at all, heh :) and then ask, he'll be a little more confident id have thought.

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2005-01-06 18:12 (link)
It's definately interesting how he is confident with everything he does to you and then tenses up for the things you do. I would guess he isn't very comfortable with his body, and there are thoughts he is keeping to himself. The best answer I have is that you need to get him to relax, tease him until he can't be teased anymore.

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