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.::Sara::. (adorkable_033) wrote,
@ 2004-12-09 14:36:00
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    Current mood: blah

    blah, yoga last block today, its like just 20 min of nap time and it throws off my entire day cause the rest of the day im tired.

    This week has been going by wicked hasnt really been a good week. no particular reason, just i'm stuck in this sad mood. the stuff that goes through my head is like ''where is this coming from?'' just really negative and well...its not making me feel all that great about...anything. but w.e things will eventually get bettter, everyone has some off days every once and a while...i just dont know what started it...i just kinda dont want to be all that social..or talk..which is ok.

    gah i'm so bad at putting together a sentence, i have the hardest time expressing myself and talking about how i feel. i just dont make any sense what so ever.

    alright, i might as well just talk about this week.

    Monday school was ok, i did really get some good new in english when i found out my grade...but i think i can bring it up since this time i'm actually reading the book. then after school i did some christmas shopping with bryan, i got a few pplzzzz...i just gotta get my grandparents and my dad now.

    Tueday, i had work, my last day with holly *tear* it sucks...shes like the reason why i wanted to work at the village now i'm not even going to be working with her anymore. we finished doing dishes wicked early except my supervisor is so slow at bringing in the dishes to wash, from the dinning room. but w.e we got out on time which is the important part. Bryan picked me up from work then we came back and hung out at my house for a bit.

    Yesterday, i dont have anything interesting to say about school, not that anything i say is interesting but...w.e, but after school i got my christmas bonus 125 dollars *dances* :D then later on bryan picked me up and we went to worknight for a bit, then my house.

    Today, meh again, nothing interesting, i relized that the only reason why i'm passing doc suls class is because we get to use notes on his quizes and tests and pretty much anything graded. but when it comes to midterms i'm screwed. english class was wicked boring, i was so close to falling asleep, and in yoga i think i did fall asleep for like...10 min, so good, but now i'm so tired.

    i gotta babysit later, it some ways its good cause i'm making up for all the money i'm spending, but still that doesn't mean i want to babysit..i'm not the biggest fan of kids.

    alright well i'm off, i'm sorry if this journal entry sounded like i was complaining, i know no one likes to hear someone whine, but w.e

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2004-12-09 16:06 (link)
i loooooooooooooooooove you

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2004-12-09 21:02 (link)
Sara, you don't sound whiny. You're too awesome.


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2004-12-10 15:57 (link)
i <3 sara!

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