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beth <3 (adorable_x) wrote,
@ 2003-06-15 23:58:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music: my im's

    g's *
    i havent wrote in like forever well.. sience the last entry
    [x] my brother got accepted into college and im going to help him move into his dorm tomarrow morning at 6. in jacksonville!
    [x] i found a new guy who is so incredibly hot and i like him so hopefully things will work out with us ..or what ever you wanna call the situation
    [x] umm...i have been to the beach but no one cares!
    [x] cheerleadings going good and we had a crazy garage sale that i had to stand on the corner and try to get people to come with camren and caressa that was kinda fun tho becuase we got alotta tips! =) haha
    [x] and im planning to go on a vacation to the keys or pennsylvaina some time soon hopefully but im not sure when or where just yett!!
    [x] so far its been a hella fun summer!
    yeah - thats about it nothing important anyway! im out ill write later when i have time its late and i have to get up earily - holla! xoxo beth*'

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2003-06-21 16:46 (link)
idk how to format my journal or ne thing i want mine to be prettyyy.. me at JETERSGURL87@AOL.COM if u'll help..

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Re: hey.....
2003-07-21 14:56 (link)
hey ..thanks =) yeah i guess my summers been alright .. your crazy about jasmine huh?

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