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Troy (addicted2you57) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 22:39:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    tonight was awwwsome..
    dear journal.. tonight was soooooo much first i wasnt supposed to work cause anita called and said i dont need to cause it wont be bussy..then bonnie called and told me to come in cause it was really i ended up goin to work and i love work its sooo much fun.dairy queen kicks butt.anywayz we were talking and i go make me a BLURTY lol..LMAO.. i meant blizzard and bonnie was cracking up..she has the funniest laugh..i love it..she is soo kool to be around... she was a big help tonight..i dont know everything about making stuff but im learning still and everyone is helping me soo much i love it i love it i love it...soo i work again soon with bonnie i cant wait..thats thursday but ill check wensday when i go in who i will be with the other days..i cant w8 i cant w8 i cant w8..i love it i love it i love it.tomarrow is ANOTHER party in my child developement class we are having food again like a party thing for the 4th time in like 8 school days..last week we had 2 or 3 and we had one the week before that and now another one tomarrow..wooohooo..i cant wait to see erica..i miss her alot..i love her..i hope she is doin ok..well im out.BYE..

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2003-10-02 16:16 (link)
WORD. Work was definetley mucho fun :] I had an great time with you! You make me crack up so much. I'm SOOOO happy you got hired! I really didn't think you would because i thought Anita wasn't really looking to hire anyone right now but i'm very glad i was wrong. Haha, that was so hilarious when you said, "make me a blurty" How did you get blurty and blizzard confused?! Hmm, it's know what that means..YOU WORK WITH ME TONIGHT! Yayness. I'll see you at DQ soon :D Take care <33

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2003-10-02 18:49 (link)
ill see you soon too..i cant wait..well im ganna take a shower straighten my hair and leave for sooo hungry so dont eat all the hot dogs..oook?luv u... and take care also... l8er

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