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**AshLey**<3 (ad0rablebaybii) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 20:21:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:*The woman in me*

    ..*i hate lyfe*..
    -jeremy broke up with me...w0nderful aint it? gunna keep my options open now...i didnt go to school on thursday so my school called my house and told my mom that im a truant...and that if i dont show up for school (even if my mom calls me in) that the police show up at my house to take me to bey0nd gay! so friday i had to go to school...i had gym first block which i didnt participate...candice is so funny, the class was doin pushups and she looked like a so i told her..then i had intro to occ, that class is so much fun, well only cuz me, amy,keith,karen,rick,megan, josh and andy give Mr Griffin a hard time-lol...*amy dont deny it we know what u and mr griffin do in that lil closet* :o)~ hehe! then i had lunch...god i found out that jess and april keep tellin jake i like i feel dumb!! then in english we had a substitute-we watched a movie, it was pretty good...psychology was so much fun-our teacher is so funny and we had to try and balance rulers on our fingers the whole time! haha! oh yeah and in english class Nick told me that Dawn called me a bitchy whore slut...and she wishes i would get pregnant and die...haha ok w/e so i screamed it to the class what she thought of me...owell what am i gunna do..?

    -my dad and uncle bill came to my house today to see if they could fix my car but they are gunna come back some other time and dad is gunna come over again at 2am to see the other galaxie...i kinda actually wanna see it haha! well im outties

    -oh yeah and havin ur period doesnt help any of this situation! PMS~id advise not to talk to me until tuesday

    <3 Ashley

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