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Acidic Roadkill (acidic_roadkill) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 14:51:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Adema-Unstable

    Howdy all
    Hi people! This is Maz. Well, this is my first journal so excuse the crappyness. Um... I'm bored. I'm listening to Ademas new album for the hunderedth time and I'm loving it. Well, my brothers not back yet. After a huge argument with my parents about money (?) my brother got one pair of clothes and went off. He sent me a text saying to tell the rents that he's sorry so yeah. He has a really bad temper and I've got one too. So I probably know what he's feeling whenever the rents talk to him. I still hate him though. I know brothers and sisters aren't meant to like each other but it's just what my brother did to me when we were younger made me hate him. Not alot of people know what he did. I think only three of my friends know what happened and that's it. It doesn't have a affect on me what he did but I still hate him for doing it in the first place...
    I'm looking for a place to live with my friend Emma. But the more I think about moving out the more exciting it sounds. I will be able to survive on my own becuse I'm house trained and yeah!
    I haven't talked to Safiya for ages and I miss her. Becky's on holiday in Devon and I miss her lots. It's her birthday next friday and I'm all psyched up about it. I have the perfect gift for her. And I've been invited for a sleepover. I'm hoping I can go if my parents let me, so I'm going to hope for the best.
    Well, I think I did well in my first journal.
    Peace out and \m/ (><) \m/ Rock on!

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