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CAROLiNE (aching) wrote,
@ 2003-02-03 18:37:00
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    Current mood:im kinda sad
    Current music:hurricane`something corporate

    hey yall. my weekend was great. katy pav, abner, natalie, juli and i went to juli and my lake house. it was so much fun. we roasted marshmallows and weenies. ah it was fun. then late late that night we all put on bathing suits and turned up "dancing in the moonlight" really loud and went on juli's room's deck and danced with our hair up really high. we looked so drunk. we drank alot though-lol-narr. here katy, let me wash your hands, theyre filthy, just filthy. that was great! it was so fun. then we took the golf cart out early in the morning. juli abby and natalie were in one of the model homes so katy and i ran to my house and grabbed another golf cart key and drove off-natalie abby and jules chased us down the road and we finally stopped at the edge of the hill and waited for them..then we drove off as soon as they were like..3 inches away. yay! it was so cool! and we took pictures! lol. katy and i walked down the road to take pictures of the horses but we couldn't find them so we jumped the fence to get back home. ah guys-YOU ROCK! we have to do it again..NEXT WEEKEND! you girls are my life. and..i wanted to cry because i like this boy soooo super much and he doesnt like me. dang it. i hate that..when he's everything and youre nothing. natalie said i should just jump on him and kiss him. okay, i will. lol no.. i need a new icon and layout and just..a whole new journal. im an addict. i dont really have much to say so..i guess i'll go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDIE!

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shorry shexy
2003-02-02 21:23 (link)
anyway one who doesnt like you is seriously fucked up in the head and he doesnt deserve you u deserve someone much better sweetie


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2003-02-02 22:09 (link)
ahh yes, this weekend rocked. smoke + eye = smokeye! bahaha :x you rock caroline! bf4l!!!

i love you!!! katy

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