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Virginia Weasley (last_flame) wrote in acciorpg,
@ 2003-07-21 22:09:00
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    Characters: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
    Setting: Quidditch Pitch, Gryffindor Tower
    Rating: PG-13

    Harry Harry found his owl from Ginny waiting in his dormitory. He picked it up, and read over it, and decided to go find Ginny. She was being all apologetic for doing nothing wrong, and Harry didn't want that. It was rather an annoying trait--- Ron was prone to the same. Harry reentered the Common Room, and Ginny was still not there. /'Quidditch pitch'/ he thought simply, and headed back out the portrait hole and headed down to the pitch.

    Ginny: Out on the pitch, Ginny was flying around, throwing a quaffle through the hoops at either end, working on some moves she had seen at the Quidditch Cup two years ago. Though so many things had happened between then and now, she had not forgotten them and they were as fresh in her mind as they had been the night after the game. Throwing one last Quaffle into the left hoop and scoring, she did a loop-the-loop and sped up to catch it. As she was flying back towards the box, she caught sight of Harry. /He got my owl,/ she thought. She waved a little at him and proceeded to land and put the quaffle away.

    Harry Harry waved back, and waited for her to put the quaffle back. He took a deep breath and contemplated what to say while he pondered what Ginny was going to.

    Ginny: Ginny buckled the Quaffle in and shut the case, locking it too. Standing back up, she stood over her broom and pulled her hair out of it's ponytail. She mounted her broom and flew over to him, hovering in front of him just high enough for her toes to skim the ground. "So.." she started, "How are you?"

    Harry Harry scratched his arm, "I guess I'm fine... how about you? Why did you call me down here?"

    Ginny: She started to peel off some of her gear, namly the shin guards, elbow and knee pads and gloves. Soon they were in her pockets and she was just wearing her quidditch robes over clothes. "Well... I wanted to apologize for earlier today. It was stupid of me to ask you to help me." She looked away, at the stands, the sky, anything that wasn't Harry.

    Harry "I don't see why you have to be sorry about it." Harry leaned up against the nearest wall and crossed his arms, watching Ginny who wasn't watching him. "I was willing to help."

    Ginny: "But!" she protested, waving her hands around for emphasis, "But...The lake! Today! Look what happened! You and I made Mandy jealous and now she's going to try and ruin our "relationship"." She used the quotes with her fingers for emphasis, "which we don't even really have anyway. Or at least I don't think we have it!" She sounded very sad and very sorry and very every negative emotion that could be considered positive towards the other person if used correctly.

    Harry Harry looked down as a boy searching for words that weren't there to say. He was only feeling indescribable things which mostly shouted about how didn't want to stop "pretending" to fancy Ginny, when he really did. However with the damper of Ginny's mood Harry couldn't bring himself to tell her that, because he knew the answer would be no, and that he'd be let down. "I... I guess so," he said to pass some time, still needing something more to say. "Although, we can't let her win this second time, can we?" He tried to smile, hoping he could buy more innocent time with Ginny.

    Ginny: She gazed down at her hands, fingers interlocked. She didn't want to go on pretending, if she wanted it she wanted it real. And she did want it. But it wasn't in her personality to go after him like Mandy did. She jumped off her broom and was now shorter than Harry by a couple inches. She leaned it against her hip and sighed. "I don't know what else to do. I mean, she kissed you before, who know what she's going to do next time!" She was jealous, yes.

    Harry "I won't let her do anything next time!" Harry said, wondering if that was the case. Sure, he didn't know Mandy but... he pushed the thoughts out of his head as he focused on Ginny. "I guess its up to you... I mean, if you want to stop pretending I can go back to being just Harry again."

    Ginny: "No!" She exclaimed a bit too quickly. She blushed and looked away, silent for a long moment or two. Finding absolutely no excuse out of that, she figured the best thing to do would be to tell the truth. If he laughed, then she'd be over him as quick as a flash and would let Mandy take him. "Well...Y'see..." /C'mon Ginny. Gryffindor. Brave/ "Ierstillfancyyou," she said in a rush. Sighing, she started to walk away. "And now that you know, I'll be going."

    Harry Harry felt suddenly embarassed, and turned away from Ginny who was leaving anyway. Now what? He heard what he wanted to hear. No, that's what he should have wanted, he wasn't sure what he really wanted. Something wanted Ginny bad enough though, because he found himself jogging after her and placing his hand on her shoulder, "I..." Everything was caught up in Harry's throat. "That doesn't bug me!" He managed, trying to pull of a painful smile.

    Ginny: She stopped and turned around, looking at the ground. She didn't realize how close she was to Harry for all she could see were her feet. "But...don't you see?" she asked desperately, 'It makes it worse fancying you and having to pretend to be dating you." She swallowed around a lump in her throat and looked up. They were close, and she bit her lip, and looked into his eyes. "It'd just be easier if I let Mandy win. Unless you don't want her to, in which case you'll have to think of something on your own because I really don't think I can do this." [Again: Babble!Ginny]

    Harry "I meant... the fanc..." Harry cut himself short, knowing how Ginny had interrperted his words. "I guess what I mean to say is..." he turned Ginny around to face him, feeling cautious and axious. He had never done anything like this before... she was very pretty now, she was, "You're beautiful," he said softly, tracing the outline of her cheek with the side of his hand.

    Ginny: She heard the words as if from far off. She could hear the blood pounding in her ears and felt his hand on her cheek. "I'm...I'm /what/?" she asked, blinking. It wasn't that she hadn't heard, it was that she wasn't sure she heard correctly. She was facing him and it turned out she was only a few inches, maybe 6, away from his face. She swallowed around the lump in her throat. She was speechless.

    Harry "You're beautiful," Harry said barely above a whisper, mainly because that was all he could push out of his throat. He was breathing heavily now, acting on impulse. He put his arm around Ginny's hips, and leaned in to kiss her.

    Ginny: She let herself be drawn to him and closed her eyes, kissed him back. She could hear the blood pounding in her ears still but it was dulling. Gently she broke the kiss and stepped back. "This isn't just part of the pretending, is it?" she questioned, making it into more of a statement than a question.

    Harry "I would have warned you," Harry said, stepping back. He would have warned himself, too. "Listen, I just remember a charms assignment sitting on my bed. It's getting late. We should go... back..." he said slowly, fumbling with his words and hands.

    Ginny: "Warned me?" Ginny asked, "I rather like to be surprised," she said quietly. Nodding she banished the quidditch stuff to the cupboard and gathered her broom. "We should..." she took a few steps towards the common room and looked back to see if he was following.

    Harry Harry was following slowly, a little uneasy but calm nonetheless. His mind kept telling him to stop, he was doing something wrong, but he was a master of wrong decisions. He tried to accept that as the Fat Lady closed him off into the snug Common Room.

    Ginny: Ginny, once in the common room, couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. She rushed up the stairs and dropped her broom on her bed. Then she jumped into the shower and cleaned herself off, changing into pyjamas and heading back down the stairs taking a seat in front of the fire to contemplate again.

    Harry Harry had gone up to his dormitory to stare at a Charms book to study the theory behind some sort of silly, well, charm. He tried to do the homework for a good forty minutes or so before giving up and heading down to the Common Room. When in the Common Room he saw Ginny by the fire. Taking a quick breath, he approached her. "Hi."

    Ginny: She looked up from the flames. Her hair glittered, reflecting them. "Hey," she said. She wasn't sure how long she'd been in her pajamas and watching the fire but she sure hadn't forgetten about the kiss. She was sort of apprehensive about talking to him but figured to hide it instead.

    Harry Harry motioned to the floor, which was the only available sitting place at the moment. "Anyone sitting there?" he said with a meek smile.

    Ginny: She gave him a lopsided smile, though it was sincere. She nodded, saying, "Yes, you are." She gave him another smile and motioned for him to sit.

    Harry Harry sat down, and looked into the fire a moment before turning up to Ginny, "How are you doing?"

    Ginny: "I'm a little shocked at...before," she said, motioning with her hands. She sighed. "I liked it, but it left me completely confused, that's all. What about you? Get that Charms work done?"

    Harry Harry smiled and lied through his teeth, "Yea, it wasn't too bad..." he trailed off. "I'm confused though, too." He left it at that.

    Ginny: Ginny nodded. "I'm pretty good at Charms, if you ever need some help." Sighing she turned her gaze back to the flames, where they reflected in her eyes. "D'you want to talk about it?" she asked softly, "So we're not so confused anymore?"

    Harry There was a metaphorical knot in Harry's stomach, "Uh... yea, we should..." he said, turning his attention back to the blinding flames. "So..." he just didn't know how to start this.

    Ginny: Looking away from the flames, she stared over Harry's head at something not even remotely interesting just so she wouldn't have to look at him. "You know I fancy you," she said, her voice faltering for a moment, "And that I don't like pretending 'cause it makes everything worse for me." She sighed. "And that's why I'm going to let Mandy win."

    Harry Harry took a deep breath, leaning back on his hands but not looking up at Ginny yet, "Who ever said I was pretending?" After he got the words out he knew he had to face Ginny.

    Ginny: She stared at her hands in her lap, until it hit her. Slowly she raised her head to look him in the eyes. Brown met green. "You're...not pretending?" she finally whispered out.

    Harry Harry smiled weakly and turned away quickly before he'd start turning red. "No... at least I don't think I am... I mean..." he paused. Ginny would never believe him now, and she'd probably stop talking to him all together. She'd get Ron to band against him and... and even if Ron would be against him if he really did fancy Ginny, it was better than the other way and... "All of it is so new... but I never pretended to want to kiss you."

    Ginny: She gaped at him for a moment, not knowing what to say. She fancied him, she knew it for sure. But if he hadn't pretended he wanted to kiss her, did that mean, "You fancy me?" she whispered, her eyes wide with confusion.

    Harry "I guess so..." Harry said quietly, not trying to let her down now or in the future. "I just... ever since the lake incident I don't know, I've felt..." he didn't know how to finish that thought. He wasn't sure of the exact thing, but he knew he liked kissing Ginny.

    Ginny: She blinked. "What happened at the lake?" She meant which lake incident, actually. Mandy or herself drowning. "If this were a movie, (Dad told me about them) I'd be finishing your sentence, but I don't know how, sorry...'

    Harry Harry chuckled slightly, "The first one... remember how I was acting weird after? That was way."

    Ginny: "When you saved me?" So /that/ was it. She hadn't even considered that. "I didn't even think that that could be it. I guess I had lost hope so long ago..."

    Harry Harry was weak in his response, he still didn't feel good about this. Part of him did, but that wasn't a big part, "Yeah..." He fell into his own thoughts.

    Ginny: Ginny watched him out of the corner of her eye. He didn't look to happy with himself, nor did his body look to happy with him. "Harry? Do you feel okay? I mean..." she faltered, about to say you don't look well but decided just to say what she was thinking. "You don't look too comfortable or happy with this."

    Harry Harry nodded as he stood up, hand lazily on his head. "I'm fine..." He didn't convince himself, but he couldn't exactly help that, now could he? He needed some time to go over this all in his head again. Sighing he picked up Ginny's hand and kissed it quickly. "Have fun at Charlie's... I need some sleep." With that Harry was headed off to his dormitory.

    Ginny: "See you in a month," she called after him, sadly.

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