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Harry Potter (quidd_gryff00) wrote in acciorpg,
@ 2003-08-21 18:05:00
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    CHARACTERS: Ashley Toren and Harry Potter
    SETTING: Outdoors
    RATING: PG-13 (for angst and talk of suicide/death)

    Harry Potter: Harry Potter was taking a nice solitary walk to Hagrid's hut that afternoon during lunch break. He just wanted somebody to talk to, that wasn't as dumb as Ron or weird as a girl. Professor Lupin had... left. Harry had no idea, but DADA had been canceled until further notice, and if the threat of Volemort didn't make him crave some sort of defense against him... Lupin was all he had left. In the third year Lupin was the closest thing to a father figure or a friend other than Hagrid, but then he had Sirius and that was all okay. Then Sirius was... gone. Now Lupin was gone, and it was a terrible ache, not to mention the terrible headaches of having to dead with what some would call a love life, too.

    Ashley Toren: Ashley had felt cramped up in the Slytherin Common Room. She hadn't had much fresh air except for the Quidditch Practice. Running her fingers through her hair, she decided to get out for awhile and just go for a walk. Ashley had been walking along the edge of the lake when she spotted Harry. She hadn't seen him since the fight and actually, for once, had wanted to. Maybe she could take out some anger from Malfoy out on Potter. But Potter hadn't done anything except being there. So Ashley took the intitiative and walked over. "Hello Potter."

    Harry Potter: Harry didn't reconize the voice, although he knew it was cold and impersonal, and reminded him of... Malfoy? No. Toren. His mouth hadn't exactly been smiling when he walked and thought, but it was now definately smiling. "Hello," he said harshly, not wanting to deal with her much. She attacked his Team, his friends, and because of her and Malfoy's... /cutting/ he had gotten in trouble when THEY were the freaks.

    Ashley Toren:Folding her arms, she studied his face. "How are you doing today?" Even if she was going to bitch him out at one point in her life, she had to be friendly for now. Get the advantage, or atleast try to. Potter wasn't as stupid as some people assumed, she knew that much. Ashley desperately wanted to bring up the fight and dive right into a confrontation. But that was what Malfoy did and everytime he did it, he lost himself in the bickering. She wasn't going to do that.

    Harry Potter: "I am..." he trailed off, folding his arms, thinking of a way to respond. He wasn't too fond of this conversation already. He was feeling slightly edgy, but not to the point of wanting to take a pop at her so soon. "Chipper. How are you, Ashley?"

    Ashley Toren:"I'm quite joyous myself. Have you served your detention yet? Professor Snape only made me write lines. I have to finish the rest of them this week. It wasn't too tedious.... but yet again, I'm on his good side. Unlike some people.. how have you been holding up since the fight?" She drummed her fingernails against her arm, the serpent ring glittering in the sunlight. Her eyes were staring straight into his.

    Harry Potter: Harry caught a glimpse of the serpent ring, and felt very defensive suddenly. It was as if the snake had threatened his Gryffindor traits, and was beckoning to a darker side. "No I did not have my detention yet," he said with a tone that wasn't keeping the coversation overly plesant on his behalf. "I wouldn't wake Snape to give me special treatment anyway, although I wasn't the one that /started/ the fight."

    Ashley Toren: Quirking a brow, she moved towards him a couple steps so she was looking him in the face. She had stopped drumming her nails and was smirking at him. "The person who started the fight was your beloved Nyssa, if that was even her name." Her tone was soft and silky, but very dangerous. "But no worries, Potter, I'm sure he won't be giving you the special treatment. Only for his house." At this, a lazy smile danced on her lips.

    Harry Potter: Harry huffed and rolled his eyes, "You and Nyssa both started it... and I'm not dumb, I realize I'm not a Slytherin." Although after the serpent ring had mocked him, he didn't like the sound of that. He felt increasingly weak through his nobility during this conversation.

    Ashley Toren: "Oh, well then it was just a friendly reminder." Now twirling a strand of hair around her finger, she noticed him continually looking at her ring. "Why, if there's one thing you remember from the fight, it must be my ring. Your glance is seeming to stray over there every 2 seconds. Want an up close look?" She held her dainty hand infront of his face.

    Harry Potter: Harry gave a snarky facial expression and nodded, ring uncomfortably in his face. "No, I was quite fine looking at it from a distance," he remarked, sighing and backing away. His mind stumbled for another thing to say that would get his mind off of the ring. Sadly, he was no longer concerned about being charming. "So, I hear you tried to kill yourself."

    Ashley Toren: Ashley lowered her hand and stared at him. Wondering how Potter had found out, she just assumed the whole school knew now. It was no point in trying to hide it anymore. Lowering her arms to her side, she sighed. "Yes. I attempted to and wanted to die. Badly. But then Malfoy saved me. Sucks, doesn't it? I'm sure you wanted me dead after our little escapade."

    Harry Potter: "No, I think the whole event is rather interesting, it gives Malfoy a bit of a redeeming quality, doesn't it?" He scoffed slightly. It wasn't much of a redeeming quality for the vile little blonde snob, but it was enough to laugh at becasue he knew it wasn't THAT nobel of Draco. There had to be another reason, because he was a Slytherin and they weren't noble. "I don't want you dead anymore than I want you pickings fights with my friends and causing trouble."

    Ashley Toren:"Why wouldn't you want me dead? All I do is cause problems with people, if you haven't noticed. I'm not too proud of that quality, Harry." She paused and her eyes widended slightly. It felt like her throat just constricted and everything just tightened up. She called, Harry.... by his name. BY HIS NAME. That never happened. Her cheeks flushed slightly and she looked away. "The event wasn't interesting. It was painful. You wouldn't know what it's like to want to die. You don't even know anything about me. So I did have a reason to be like that."

    Harry Potter: Harry looked away, closing his eyes, the serpent ring in his mind. It reminded him of Voldemort, of parseltongue, and a bunch of other darknesses he felt himself. "You don't know me either, but I know what it is like to feel helpless, and how to it feels to want to die. Maybe not as bad as you," he paused, he still couldn't look up at Ashley.

    Ashley Toren: "Your right. Maybe not as bad as me. But how would you know?" She couldn't believe this! It was almost as if she was befriending the-boy-who-lived. She couldn't do that, but she COULD not hate him to death. This would be going against everything she knew, but if he had this trait in common with her.. "It's fine, you don't have to tell me. Just like I'm sure you don't want to hear about me either." Looking away from Harry, she turned halfway and re-wraping her arms around her stomach, she tightened the grip. Suddenly she felt sick.

    Harry Potter: He still felt slightly weak for letting Ashley bring out all his emotions from before, emotions he didn't have any need to be feeling now. He didn't have anything to say, because if he asked her to go on it would be sending the message that he was interested, and although curious he couldn't be INTERESTED in the affairs of a Slytherin. Frowning he started to slowly move his feet in the general direction of Hagrid's hug, even if he felt far from talking to Hagrid anymore. Hagrid didn't help console him much, and sometimes Harry felt he was more grown up than that off and his dangerous creatres... he let the silence between him and Ashley thicken like a good gravey.

    Ashley Toren: Ashley stared after him, rejected. She felt rejected by a Gryffindor -- Harry Potter. Honestly, she thought she would never feel this way. It was as if she had started to open up to him and he slammed the door in her face. In which he clearly and somewhat did do. It didn't surprise her really though after the fight and her house and the way she generally was and the company she kept. Harry could hate her all he wanted and now inwardly, she was kicking herself for opening up to him. "Okay then.." she said softly, almost sounding hurt. "I'll see you around... Harry." Turning around fully she walked back up to the castle feeling sick, woozy and in a daze.

    Harry Potter: Harry broke from his daze and the silent, watching her walk up to the castle. She didn't sound like a Slytherin just then, she sounded like she was feeling some sort of hurt or pain. Plus, he wasn't refered to as Scarface or simply Potter. "Bye," he said back softly as she walked away. He felt bad for that encounter, and taking one more step towards Hagrid's hut he instead let himself fall to the ground and lay with his back on the ground.

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