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Emo Girl Lisa (abused_silence) wrote,
@ 2004-06-06 15:53:00
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    Current mood:Suicidal
    Current music:Disturbed- Prayer

    Am I that impossible to be understood?
    Well I know I haven't been writting so much in here. I'm either in some sleep or doing something stupid. Like getting myself into trouble and getting yelled at. Getting suicidal. Doing some messed up shit. ARGH. I just hate it all. Lately I've been writing a lot of poetry. I don't know if... posting any of my poems in here. I mean poeple praise them but some of them are either too gory or too graphic. So what? My life is gory and graphic.

    I guess I'll post only one of them.

    Bloody Syndrome

    To her, blood is her special drug.
    But it fools her.
    The more she drinks, the powerful she may feel but the more she yearns.
    So drunk, she still wants more.
    Her craving won't stop.
    It's uncontrollable.
    And she doesn't care.
    But not from him, she wouldn't kill her lover.
    Love comes before her bloody desire.
    So drenched in blood, the vampiric lovers make love.
    Succumbed in an evanescing torment, they decay, as the rays of a new day are born.
    No fear, they just leave and rest for another thousand years.
    But in their immortality a new life will grow.

    It's a usless and stupid poem. It can be ignored. I can be ignored. Heh... I've been ignored just about all my life so who cares about me? Not mom since she always yells at me. Not dad since he only seems to care about sitting on his ass in front of the TV. Not my friends and what boyfriend would care about me if I don't have one. I have a friend that I'd love to be my boyfriend but.... i doubt that would happen.

    I'm so sick of life and sick of missing who could be my best friend.

    Lisa.... missing Asa

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