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BabiLLia the Flower Child (absolut_hippie) wrote,
@ 2004-04-30 17:51:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:Beatles - Hey Bulldog

    with or without God
    21 grams is a really good movie.
    i just finished watching that. i got home & watched it.

    we had to make some class posters & each put something on the poster that represents us in french, apparently all the language classes had to. so they hung them up on the balcony of the stairs in the main entrance of the school & i strategically placed mine at the bottom in the middle so everyone sees it. i put a picture of the beatles with lyrics to strawberry fields forever on it. :-D <33

    my father thinks something is wrong with me.
    but how do i tell them, my problem is them?

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2004-04-30 23:40 (link)
thanks for commenting in my journal, Lia. i'm Kate. you're right, we do seem very similar. i see you're a big Beatles fan. that definitely kicks ass. i also read your entry about the protest you went to. it reminded me of the ones i've been to. i protested the war in January of 2003 in Washington DC (that was the big one with half a million people - it was absolutely profound being there with all those people - i led some chants too!! haha) and also another one in NYC in February, and then in Boston the day after we went to war. it was pretty crazy. well hey, add me as a friend and i'll add you as one of mine. btw, where in Mass. do you live? what grade are you in?
-Kate =)

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Re: hola
2004-05-01 11:34 (link)
hey Kate,
you're added! :)
i'm from Framingham, MA - u?
& i'm in 10th grade.. ehh 2 more years i guess :-/

keep me up to date --peace -Lia

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2004-05-01 11:40 (link)
The Doors rock my socks.
hehe, even though my room has come to be a Beatles shrine, i love the doors nevertheless. or any 60s / 70s music really. do you like led zeppelin, or the who?

got you added!

Lia :)

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