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Abi (abers) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 13:30:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    Bad mood, leave me alone!!!
    This is abi and this was my first day of homeschooling. It really suxed. I don't really like adam anymore and i don't c how i even liked him in the 1st place. He is so ugly. He nevers talks 2 me and always ignores i'm even there when i am wit him. Some of my friends r talkin bhind my back and it is really makin me mad and sad, i don't know really which 1. AC was actually nice 2 me yesterday since it was my last day. It was the 1st day practically in the whole year. Not tat i really care anyway though cause i hate his guts and he is a pervert!!! I still have 2 go 2 band every mornin and then mom picks me up at 8:40 2 b homeschooled till 3:00. I hate it cause i never get 2 c my friends and ppls think i lied cause i still have 2 come 2 school and i am not at home. I think Justin is havin a bad influence on me. j/k!! Cause he is always sayin tat every1 hates him and he hates his life even though tat isn't true. Now tat is exactly how i am actin. I am probably actin like a bitch 2 other ppls. I really like Justin but he still goes out wit Jen K. It suxs but he is my bestest friend!!! I hate my life! I don't have no friends and no1 likes me!!!

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you sucker!! lol
2004-04-23 13:37 (link)
ABI!! i go w/ Justin now! lol!
well thats all oh yeah science is soo boring lol!
love ya!
- Mia -

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