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afsafsaa (aaaqqq222) wrote,
@ 2012-02-20 16:46:00
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    appearance of short-tailed because
    Recently bought the only gold bear hamster really is super cute, I love yo ~ the little guy too naughty, I could not properly shoot it down, another day to fix my house Yuki photos! ~
    ( borrow other graphs instead of what)
    hamster wide variety of gold mouse, Campbell hamster, hamsters, carboplatin Elijah Robert Lavrov Sharansky hamster etc. Unlike normal mice on the streets ;, shape hamsters obesity lovely, deep black and bright eyes, ears smaller but separate, cheeks each with an elongated pouch for food storage. their abdomen coat is white, there is no body odor, while the tail and limbs is extremely short, surrounded by a small amount of white hair,Gucci Belts, revealing the pink color so they look so funny, clean, and full of curiosity, pure and lively.
    hamster nature, in fact, love the clean: Lift the rodent, you always used to emerge out of mind then a mouse, dirty and turn in Xiushui ditch, and then the However, as one of the most popular pet hamster, but small animals like clean they often use saliva for bathing, grooming saliva after all, is not the best choice, if you want to own them clean best dedicated a bath using hamster supplies mmm of sand (water may allow them to cold, and even lead to death). do not think that helped Mouse bath is a very troublesome thing, the smart and clever Mouse but instinctively know how to take a bath with sand! As long as you put one of sand in a cage, it will go into tossing in the sand, truly lovely. If you want them cleaner, the best each week to wash for them personally, is a height container (the container is too small, the hamster will be very easy to escape) in full bloom about 3 cm thick of sand, and then put them, and then spoon of sand cover on top of their back simply repeat this action, they sand body sweat and urine smell will be absorbed throughout the bathing process takes five minutes. summer hamsters sweat more per week for at least need to take a bath once; winter can be washed once every two weeks.
    how to properly hold the hamster: murine innate spent in high vigilance for fear of accidentally, their own inexplicable to observe the world around them. a wild mouse, the most terrible natural enemies is nothing more than sky diving down attack birds, therefore the Mouse did not like people from the top or rear of its body touching. So when you want to hold the Mouse, definitely not from above or behind the grab Mouse, you want to hand on the Mouse front induced it to crawl up your palms up, or with both hands from the side of the Mouse to gently hold up. If you want Mouse caught up with the index finger and thumb gently grasping Remember, pinching Mouse and the Mouse's head toward the master's chest, to prevent the Mouse struggle and accidentally fall to the ground.
    the psychologically prepared for feeding Mouse: Mouse is a small animal life, and so did not make adequate psychological preparation, please do not blindly keeping.
    First To answer the following questions:
    1, you have a certain amount of time keeping it?
    your family object to your pets?
    3, you can guarantee you when they go out for a long time take care Mouse do?
    4, you can ensure that the initial novelty had worn off, do not abandon it when you can not continue to raise, you can find a suitable adoptee?
    If these points can not be am sure, it is recommended that you do not raise
    hamster to buy time tips: Based on the above features, the best time to buy hamster in the evening. little guys have a good rest, naturally show a radiant look , which can help you determine the body of a hamster healthy or not.
    general, a healthy hamsters must have the following points:
    eyes of God, no discharge.
    nose a little damp, but not runny nose.
    hair soft and glossy, lint-free.
    4, anus and around the anus hair must be dry, otherwise the said diarrhea littermates hamster most likely infected
    5, no fleas. healthy skin should be pink.
    6 able-bodied, very smooth way of walking, light-footed.
    7, lively, but there are introverted hamster, so To check these points in order to determine whether it is quiet personality or illness and are unable to. Generally speaking
    8, hamster and carboplatin Elijah hamster feeding the period it is easy to close the Campbell hamster Robert Petrovsky hamster a little difficult, especially Robert Petrovsky hamster itself is very timid and sensitive animals,Gucci Wallets, so you may want to spend more time in order to achieve it to your trust.
    hamsters fed the food points (edible food):
    vegetables categories: vegetables (such as bok choy), carrots, pumpkin (green and yellow vegetables is better)
    seeds: sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts (do not give too much)
    fruits: apples, strawberries , cherries, bananas, grapes (due to the sugar, please do not give too much)
    cereals: chicken feed, pigeon feed, birds feed, wheat, corn, millet
    plant: Clover, dandelion, GE class, plantain
    animal protein: beef, chicken, boiled eggs, the protein, cheese, milk, yogurt, insects, pet fish dry.
    hamsters do not too picky eaters, they are omnivorous animals, tend to herbivorous and eat the seeds of various plants, especially fond of sunflower seeds, pine nuts, peanuts, the staple food grains and cereals, including wheat, peanuts, corn, the staple food is vegetables, carrots, apples and other fruits and vegetables because they help the Mouse heat, in case they eat feed Huoqi Da
    Mouse's face on both sides of the cheek pouch, you can store food, so you can see them cheeks bulging, full of food. once feeding is usually not too much to ensure that storage of the Mouse can eat the food, do not let food remain in the cheek pouch for too long, or will cause inflammation of the pouch. In addition, also pay attention to the food will not be too big, too sharp, if the food is too large, the Mouse will not be pushed out; or too sharp food can also cause damage on the cheek pouch, this time we must seek the help of professional doctors! Mouse can not eat the food we eat. Maybe you will be itchy, peeling a small snack to Mouse, these are not allowed to know, is already a month, or lifetime of the salt or sugar. the flavor of food people eat heavier, more oil, more salt, more spices, Mouse small size, limited salt needed for them. to avoid a very heavy burden. onion, green onion leaves, garlic, leeks and a strong irritant vegetables, plum, peach, peach, Apple's sub will cause a heart attack, gastrointestinal disorders, breathing difficulties, so although Hamsters are omnivorous animals that can not just eat anything Oh
    food must be fresh, even the feed is the same after opening the feed must be stored in sealed cans to avoid breeding Michong; In addition, each to provide meals to the Mouse weight, not too much, so as not to remain in the feed pot did not finish, the freshness will also be affected. drinking water is also sloppy, it is best to boil off the water, raw water, sanitation there will be concerns. drinking water clean, so that the Mouse who can health and longevity.
    Mouse breeding environment: the optimum temperature of 20 ~ 28 ℃, avoid direct sunlight or directly by the large wind, but pay attention to ventilation breathable. not too close from the TV, stereo, computer, Mouse human can not hear the sound can be heard, should avoid radiation and noisy.
    summer: the best air conditioning, because when you go off the air conditioner, entered the room and temperature difference between air conditioning will make the house, Mouse is very sensitive to temperature, easy to catch a cold.
    winter: not on the outside,gucci outlet, the Mouse hibernation because of the cold. Shop more cushion of sawdust and other wood for the Mouse configuration system or straw hut for warmth. or more for some napkins Mouse nest. easiest way to the cage into the carton or plastic box, but to pay attention to ventilation.
    Mouse basic supplies:
    the cage
    bowl: Most cages own bowl. If you need to buy small container can be selected, as long as it is not easy to knock over, and the edges are not too high. or Mouse can not climb into it. commonly used containers: glass ashtray, soy sauce dishes, all kinds of small bowl, microwave box. current price: 3 to 10-yuan
    drinking water: most of the cage comes with drinking, DIY best fitted one, because the Mouse is a need to drink plenty of water. the general design of the front end of the drinking fountains with stainless steel beads, purchase, pay attention to test for leaks. do not directly take a bowl filled with water,ugg classic cardy, because the Mouse drinking water will get wet hair, or go swimming, easy to catch cold sick. there is no more to the Mouse feeding more vegetables and fruits.
    toilet: plastic box fitted with cat litter is relatively simple toilet every day to remove the agglomeration cat litter or replace all of which in accordance with the personal hygiene habits. love the clean cultivated Mouse loves is
    shower room: Some Mouse with cat litter bath in the toilet, though not health, but this is the Mouse preferences, you no longer need a shower room, but some Mouse loves clean, the owner should give it to buy a shower room, put a shower of sand let Mouse enjoy tumbling, playing holes to play. bath sand should I use sterile, can be fine sand washed, put in the microwave disinfection drying, mixing the powder made into a bath of sand is best not to use talcum powder because of the irritating too strong, but also easy to injure the eyes of the Mouse.
    ran round: most of the cage comes with running wheel, Wild Mouse to run 20 kilometers a day, so the right amount of exercise is very important on the Mouse , there is no sufficient amount of movement, Mouse would be too much pressure each other, fighting, biting cage so careful owner should give the Mouse a run round the same time, are very good due to the nutrition of the present owner to the Mouse tend to make the Mouse obese, easy to make the Mouse get on cardiovascular disease, so that even the Mouse, should also have a normal, healthy body. to pay attention to the time of purchase, should choose to run round seamless, Mouse was not vulnerable to injuries. current price: 10 ~ 80-yuan
    wood: as a squirrel cage of the pad material, many materials can be selected, but most people would prefer to use wood chips because it is relatively clean and easy to get. paper cushion should pay attention not to use the printing of paper, ink is toxic, Mouse will be poisoned.
    molar stone / molar Stick: Mouse teeth will continue to grow, so need to the molar stick to wear off too long teeth.
    cabin: cabin ceramics, wood, straw, plastic, and Mouse are like, Mouse love the holes in the living animal, the conditional should Mouse with a cabin. current price: 10 ~ 45 yuan
    just bought the hamster should be how to treat it?
    to take home the hamster, because it left the living environment has been, to leave his mother and brothers and sisters, there will be more a long time is very sensitive, tension is lost, sometimes bite, in a daze, refused to eat things such as this period is a critical period for you and Mouse confidence-building, if not handled properly, it is difficult to establish a good , may your Mouse will become a has been biting the bad Mouse! following a schedule, not hurry a little bit and your Mouse to get along:
    one day: it adapt new environment, do not harass it, do not touch it, not to be used to take it.
    two days: hand-fed to eat, speak softly and make it familiar with the smells and sounds.
    the first five days: it gently picked up on the palm of the hand (do not let it fall or get lost).
    10 days: can enjoy playing with it.
    to hold the hamster Note: sleeping hamsters do not like to be harassed, so when you want to pick him up before the first sure it is a sober, should first get it poke the nest so that it can see you, and then gently that it picked up it or not, do not force
    Attachment: hamster species introduced] the
    currently we are feeding the hamster mostly are Duo Wafu hamsters and hamster, the hamster may concept It is the earliest human pet hamster which her body to be regarded as a large character in the pet hamster which are more tame. gold rats were divided into short-haired and hairy coat Generally speaking mostly for monochrome and dual color, three colors, but also more expensive relative price is also very rare.
    As for the wool is divided into two, one feels very smooth and shiny, a feeling like velvet. portfolio from the coat color and hair quality and length of the look of the gold mice but colorful.
    What Duowa Fu Hamster? is this two years in Taiwan, the appearance of short-tailed because its size is very small so called Duo Wafu, English Dwarf. her feature is the tail and extremities have hair covered, while called Duo Wafu hamster carboplatin Elijah hamster , hamsters, Campbell, Robert Petrovsky mouse. the carboplatin Elijah hamster most commonly seen coat color is dark gray, the back of a black line, the abdominal fur was white, she is also the easiest Duowa Fu Hamster feeding is also easy to close the Mouse. Search the mouse
    scientific name of the gold: Mesocricetus auratus
    generic name: Golden hamster is
    Common name: gold the Bear
    of origin: Syria, Lebanon, Israel < br> total length: about 19 cm of the male rats, about 18-cm
    weight: about 85 to 130 g male rats
    female rats of about 95 150-g
    maturity: male rats, about 7 about 6 to 7 weeks
    ~ 8 weeks
    female rats during pregnancy: 15 to 17 days
    fecundity: 4 to 17
    Campbell the hamster
    scientific name: Phodopus sungorus campbelli < br> Common name: Maple rats, short-tailed squirrel, rat terrifying, first-line the mouse
    Country of Origin: east of Lake Baikal, Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Inner Mongolia
    total length: male rats, about 7 to 12 cm < br> female mice of approximately 6 to 11-cm
    weight: about 30 ~ 40-g
    maturity of the male rats, approximately 35 to 45-g
    female rats: male rats, about 6 to 8 weeks
    female rats about 4 to 8 weeks
    pregnancy: 18 to 25 days
    fecundity: 10 Note: 比加卡利亚 hamster slightly larger point, personality, coat quite
    carboplatin Elijah the hamster
    scientific name: Phodopus sungorus
    Common name: Maple Leaf rat, short-tailed squirrels, terrifying mouse, three-wire the mouse
    of origin: the old Soviet Union, Kazakhstan province, eastern Siberia, southwestern
    total length: about 7 to 12-cm
    weight: male rats, about 35 ~ 45-g
    female rats of about 30 to 40-g
    maturity: about six to eight weeks
    of the male rats, female rats of approximately 4 to 8 weeks < br> pregnancy: 18 to 25 days
    fecundity: 10 Note: Small hamster feeding is most likely to close the Mouse can be divided according to coat color was: three lines of wild colors (brown back obviously three black lines), Purple positions (otherwise known as amethyst, lavender, Topline desalination), Silver Fox (white back black dorsal line), and winter white (wild color or purple position becomes white in winter), pudding (light yellow),UGG Patent Paisley, eyes are black.
    Robert Petrovsky the hamster
    scientific name Common name::

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