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afsafsaa (aaaqqq222) wrote,
@ 2011-12-29 12:42:00
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    buy a primary or second-hand housing
    News: February 18, Beijing announced the latest limited to two rooms the New Deal, for developers and ordinary home buyers are paying close attention to the various core and sensitive issues, are given in the official approach in the construction of online publicity of Beijing, City, price of commodity housing management (tentative) ; <> 3) for the general public concerned about the income, property status, Regulations 3 and the following families,Coach Crossbody, family income of 8.8 million and below, the per capita housing area of ​​15m, total household net asset value of 570,000 yuan and below ; <> 4) 4 or more family property, family annual income of 116,coach outlet,000 or less, per capita housing area 15m, total household net asset value of 760,000 yuan and below; <> 5.) limited to two rooms for 5 years can be sold, subject to City departments then released with lots of ordinary housing prices and housing prices limit a certain percentage of poor price to pay land revenue, etc., to pay 35% <> makes it sound: two limit room apartment 90 square meters building area to the main control room in one of 60 sq m; two control room 75 sq m, the unit price is 5800 yuan / Level - 7300 yuan / square range <> ; the trial version of the draft, once released it caused a lot of controversy,Coach Satchel, such as green cards go into hiding, such as the theoretical basis for the definition of family income, such as the re-circulation within the market ... These requirements are in line with current practice, the future market of geometry? So we eagerly look forward to a limit of two rooms, affordable housing, including affordable housing, low-rent housing is really for those buyers who spring? limited to two rooms and start the introduction of the policy can fundamentally solve the housing problems of low-income families? real estate market is really a City, urban residence time for three years <> 2. Applicants 18 years of age; single family application, the applicant must be over 30 years of age. ... <> the application criteria as follows: <> number of family household income net of total household assets <> 1 person household 22,700 yuan and the following 24 million and the following <> 2-person family 36,300 yuan and the following 27 million and the following <> 3-person family 45,300 yuan and the following 36 million and the following <> 4-person family 52,900 yuan and the following 45 million and the following <> 5 person family 60,000 yuan and the following 48 million and the following <> Note: per capita housing area to be 10 square meters and below; <> Beijing Municipal Government launched the affordable housing is what people do for? <> is the real low-rent housing for the lowest income earners; <> affordable housing for the low-income persons, followed by protection of the <> review of affordable housing, we really understand the standard for affordable housing are very few customers, then the most speculation is now limited to two rooms can be hot as the sun illuminates each to buy a house,Coach Latest, like the mass of the heart it? <> <> We must first be clear about the do not have to buy is eligible for affordable housing, but can not afford housing in that part of the general population. on affordable housing is concerned,Coach Kristin, the real low-rent housing for the lowest income earners, the strongest protection; affordable housing for the low-income persons, protection of the second; and referred to as comparability).
    Therefore, we should clearly see that for low-level people, the people are concerned about the limit of two rooms, in fact, the slogan is more than content fills a large, final buyers population but also to return to the secondary market in which we , victory or will belong to us! Department of light coming dawn coming -----< br> The trial version is intended to seek publicity time as of February 29. Although in the comments, but the seek time just 10 days, so that it is possible to draft a final version. then limited to two rooms are difficult to solve people purchase a pin that is forced to do? I can help you to an account balance: <> 1, first that now nothing more than real estate transactions, primary, secondary, and affordable housing and the recent so hot two-limit room; <> 2 rooms with two limited introduction of the concept to many home buyers are Chibidaigou this attitude in the other, waiting to see you not fall down, but with the limit of two rooms and the provision of detailed content, what we found? <> 3 and the following provisions of said family, household annual income of 88,000 and $ 15m per capita housing area below the total household net worth 570,000 yuan and assets of the following; <> break this policy: <> 1, indicating that three of the family's monthly income can not exceed 6800 (one month in accordance with multiple year wages calculated as year-end bonus) <> 2, the family housing area of ​​45 square meters, construction area of ​​60 square meters, the description of the existing housing is a home, cottage or 95 years ago must be small bedrooms <> ; 3, total household net asset value of 570,000 yuan and below, indicating the family if there is room, the house can not be in the 3-5 loop is less than two-bedroom, 3-ring must be less than the cottage of the <> and then analyze Our long-standing customers to buy second-hand housing groups, housing customers,Coach Purses, the immigrant population about 50%, this is part of a considerable portion of the population limited to two rooms can hope to sell a green card, but now there is no policy regulations, all of the native population must be the primary real estate or buy second-hand housing. the city population at about 50%, 60% of this part of the people evicted, the vast majority of the demolition of more than 570,000 of the money will be fixed, and therefore can not primary real estate or buy second-hand housing. improve the living environment or the rest of the investment clients, as long as there are rooms, more than the basic limit, and therefore can not buy a primary or second-hand housing, so that the last customer has to wait and see attitude in the policy can only be returned after the introduction of commercial primary or second-hand housing market, first-hand the development is also close to the scarcity of land development in the form now, I do not say we all should know, that is, within the rings with no land to hand the floor to developed, and the Olympic Games will be held this year because countries will not grant to build a new real estate projects; that our customers can re-choose to buy second-hand housing. <> To sum up any connection with the two restrictions noted in this room rules introduced, we can see that, although limited to two rooms suitable for limited to two rooms is without doubt the introduction of rules to speed up the public for the return of second-hand housing market. <> <> ice is melting, can spring be far behind? <>

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