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fasfas (aaaqqq111) wrote,
@ 2011-12-08 17:27:00
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    purchase price. Indeed
    Suspect took the knife hostage-taking. Express reporter Bi Zhiyi / photo

    incident Newport Road Studios gardens, the man persuaded the hostages were rescued by the police

    Guohui Express News correspondent Haisheng correspondent reported yesterday morning declared the public sea, in Haizhu area Newport Road, Building C, 6th Floor, Garden Studios a company, a man paid 686,000 yuan for the discussion,ugg bailey button, women armed with knives hijacked the company's chief financial officer, and police confrontation nearly five hours later, at 4:00 am persuaded by the police, rescue hostages to safety. Police are investigating the circumstances.

    1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the Express reporter received a tip lines front of the building rushed to the incident, the door has been blocked and police cordoned off. Correspondent to the building is opposite a residential building to see the incident room, one wearing a black coat, blue jeans man, a woman with a knife to hijack, leaning against the window position confrontation with the police. The man hands the woman's neck reined in from time to time with water, call the action.

    14:25, the man suddenly shouted, the desk next to the cup, calendar, notebook and other things thrown out the window,UGG Bailey Button Chocolate, fortunately hit people. 4 pm, 1.7 meters tall and the man was subdued by police, special police after being forced into a police vehicle.

    According to the police, the man surnamed Lu, aged 39, from Guangzhou, Guangzhou City, a craft gift products company owner, 11 am yesterday to a Food Co., Ltd. is located in Garden Studios are owed the recovery of more than two years of debt fail, then hijacked a woman holding knife Chief Financial Officer. After much effort the police successfully break Lumou psychological defense, successfully rescued the kidnapped woman of quality, no one was injured in the incident.

    now Lumou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.


    payment arrears Court Panpei they are not dragged to the

    Lumou confrontation with the police in the period, the Express reporter who called his cell phone. Lumou described in this call:

    2004 in Zengcheng, he opened a food packaging plant in 2008 to undertake a King Food Co., Ltd. Guangdong moon cake box to do the order, when the end of October, with the firm in economic disputes, 68.6 million are owed money, has not yet. To discuss the purchase price, he has been to the company, but the other has been prevarication. In 2009 he was the company to court. As to the purchase price was not any discussion, impatient under the company will be hijacked female chief financial officer.

    someone's company

    box quality problem so seized part of the money

    Express reporter linked to the incident, the company responsible for sales of Mr. Yu. According to its introduction, the accident room of a sale of the company office, before the company does have a contractual relationship with Lumou, but Lumou some moon cake box to provide a quality problem, leading moon cake was crushed, returned by the supermarket , so the company was seized Lumou part of the purchase price. Indeed, the two sides played twice before the lawsuit,UGG Classic Argyle Knit, the court also made a decision, but the company in terms of ruling,UGG Bailey Button Triplet Grey, is currently being appealed.

    for Lumou of this act, Mr. Yu said can understand. He hopes Lumou can calmly sit down, the two sides through consultation.

    (Stringing people: Lee Ms Wu bonus: each 100 yuan)

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2012-03-22 01:49 (link)
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