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aaron carter (a_pac_carter) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 17:34:00
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    My weekend has been a blast. On Saturday Amanda and the twin's stayed over at my place...It was awesome it was like a real family ::smiles:: On Sunday Me, Rosie, Anais, Caitlin, Frankie, Chelsea and Amanda and the twin's went out...First time the twin's went out properly....We went to Disney Land...It was so awesome....Amanda just sat with the twin's while the rest of us went wild...Well i stayed with Amanda most of the time...See i'm a gentlemen. We lost Rosie, Anais, Cailtin and Frankie about 12pm. We didn't find them until 2 ish....But it was fun taking the twin's out....People came up to us and asked for photo's and stuff..We we're all cool about it except Amanda i don't think she wanted people seeing the twins. She said to everyone they were her cousin's. The best part was when Chelsea walked into a lamp post ::laughs:: Are you ok Chels? And when Anais asked Frankie out! He stared at her omg you should of seen his face.....He was like eeerrrr iii don't know and stuff..It was like he was Gareth Gates you know that British popstar that sung the song for Lilo and Stitch. Well if you don't he stutter's. I feel really bad Faye didn't come neither did Angel, We could of taken Hailie, Emily Vancamp, Mary-Kate, Carly and Hilary but we never :( I think cas' we all planned it on Saturday and i never spoke to any of them and guess the other's dint. I feel really shitty Sorry people who didn't come.....I am Truly sorry. My mom came round lastnight to see the twin's she was really cool with them she started to cry lmao....She took about 20 pictures of them....Amanda and me are seeing eachother again! Yeah again.....What? I like her and she's the mother of my kids.

    Today Amanda, me and Chelsea went to Amanda's house for Dinner....Chelsea was invited yeah!
    Amanda couldn't let her go home as she did sleep at mine lastnight in the spare room. It was awesome I feed the twins! Well i feed River's and Amanda Feed River...River's coughed her milk up all over my top but hey big deal ::laughs:: It's the best part of being a parent right? Everyone's seen the twin's except Angel, Hilary, Mary-Kate, Emily, Hailie, Faye, Carly, Britney, Christina, Mandy, Tara, Gc, JT, JC, Nick and so many more.
    The twin's need to see you all! especially Angel and Nick...And of corse Hilary!

    What i'm i doing now are you wondering? Well i just came out of the shower and i thought i'd better update....Amanda's staying again :) She actually slept in my bed with me lastnight! The twin's slept in the cot i bought it's at the end of my bed. Amanda's in the kitchen making some rice pudding ::licks lips:: I love Rice pudding....But i don't think it's for me :( At least i have some glow pops ::sticks one in his mouth::
    These are way better.....What i'm a saying i want Rice pudding! ::run's into kitchen and grab's the spoon off Amanda and scoops the rice pudding up and qucikly shoves in his mouth, And then kisses Amanda, Amanda Smiles and laughs...Aaron run's back to the computer::
    Yum! Oh yeah Amanda said with this tounge bar in it's better to kiss ::cracks up:: I want her to get her's done....More pleasure for me ;) Well River and River's are lying in front of the tv....They can't see yet but....It keep's them quiet....Where gonna go shopping tomorrow and buy them some clothes i think. Hope we do and i know Amanda want's to she's alway's saying 'i can't wait til there about 10 i can spoil them and stuff' lmao...Well I'm gonna go eat the pudding.


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2003-06-16 23:53 (link)
Woo its all okay. Lets go to Six Flags sometime? That would be tight with everyone. Haha big buddy time! Woo.

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2003-06-17 12:10 (link)
Yeah! Take the twins too....

[Have you got msn?]

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