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alison gertrude (a_larter) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 18:41:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Dashboard

    Isabel is going to hit us hard, I think. It's convenient that we're living in a beach house now, where is the apartment omg.

    I lost track of how many days they kept me as a patient, but they let me out today, and with good timing. At least we can be home, together, when this Isabel bitch attacks us. We can be like the idiots, and video tape. Nessa and I have been lugging things up the stairs all day, it's been rough work. But I'll write about Isabel later, I should finish talking about my lovely stay at Bay Shore. I will skip the "upon-entrance" details, they're a bit disgusting. It got better as the time progressed, but it as horrible being there at first. I hate feeling dependent on other people and things. I had a charming little nurse named Simone, she liked to sit at the desk in the corridor and watch me. She was big boned. Very plump. Very Russian. Very terrifying. People brought me a truck load of food, and I'm telling you Simone eyed that like it was Christmas ham. Deryck stayed with me for a little while, I was happy to see him back but he left just as soon. Benji was a wonderful visitor, it must be because he is a wonderful person. I'm glad that we're talking again, that whole awkward thing was getting tiresome :D. Nessa mde sure to bring me luxuries constantly, and even attended the two therapy sessions I was forced into making an appearance at, to be evaluated in order for the blue collar kids to determine my state and if I was well enough to leave. That sentence was long. The "therapy" wasn't therapeutic, at all. Last night was more therapuetic than anything. And Michael, of course. Whom I miss dearly. I slept a lot in the hospital, I don't think I'll ever sleep again. J Franny is a super swell ninja.

    That was a nice bit of unconnected things, there. Back to Isabel. We're planning for the worst, which means trafficing our basement and ground floor belongings up flights of stairs to the safety of the gaypalace level. Although, if this hurricane hits that bad, I doubt the second floor will provice much safety, at all. I hope our house doesn't rip apart and float away. It would be smart to leave, probably. But, we're the "die-hard," as the newspapers like to call it. We could get out if we needed to, and the island hasn't been evacuated so there's no use in leaving yet. We'll just stick to the canned goods and the bottled water, light some candles, and play acoustic.

    I was going to write a lot of private entries but I don't have the time or energy to. Sigh.


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2003-09-18 21:23 (link)

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2003-09-19 00:02 (link)
Your lover is almost as sexy as mine.

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