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alison gertrude (a_larter) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 13:46:00
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    Current mood: awake

    So, I was being lazy for the past week and not updating. I'm supposed to catch up. This is the abbreviated version.

    Apple pie. Moved into the hew house last weekend. Gave Vinnie a concussion the first morning we were there, by throwing him into a wall, accidentally. Vinnie went to the hospital, got a few stitches because he actually had a gash in his head. Later that night, Pierre got a concussion, which resulted in the night stay at the hospital. Got into a fight with Nessa. This was no cat fight; Nessa and I are hardcore. We fight dirty. And very dirty, it was. I'll spare details, but everything seems peachy now. Throw in a lot of shopping for the house, and Lacey as well. Lacey started pre-school, but you can direct yourselves to Katie's entry for the wonderful details on that. You can also mix in a little bit of fighting, a lot of feeling guilty, a little bit of awkwardness, a lot of laughing, a good deal of tears, some screaming, a few big!gay moments, some heart-to-hearts, second third fourth chances I lost track, and tons of waffles. This new house, with its new living arrangement, was a great idea. There's been a bad day or two, but that's expected. Our house is one giant house of love, or something. I think the best part of it all is that we're there for each other when we need it. Bffafeafe <3.

    You can also throw in a lot of me feeling sick lately. Mo'fockas.

    2 o'clock, it's time to pick our baby from pre-school. You don't understand how exciting that is, ok? Until next week I think. :D.

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2003-09-05 14:08 (link)
I like pie.

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2003-09-05 14:11 (link)
I like pie, too.

You know, I was reading pre-school magazine, and it told me that I have to teach Lacey how to share and socialize by giving her friends. So, one day, Nagie.. you are going to fly to the states with your bling baby, and our love children are going to play on a swingset while we eat pie and converse about adult things. Alright? Any time you're free, baby. :-*

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2003-09-05 14:14 (link)
That sounds dandy, JUST TREMENDOUS. Maddox has yet to learn the beauty of the pussy or anything of that calibre, Lacey will be safe. He may be bling, but he is an extremely responsibly kid. Compared to me anyway.

Cherry pie?

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2003-09-05 14:28 (link)
You should hurry your way over the ocean and get the last few days of warm weather in before the bad winter hits us. We do live on the beach, after all.

Lacey would be safe even if he was Kobe Bryant. She's got a quick foot, a strong hand, and an independent mentality. I'm so proud of my baby grrl. But that doesn't mean she won't give Maddox some bling of her own. I hope he likes barbies, though.

Cherry, Apple, Pumpkin, Coconut Creme, Blueberry. You name it, I've got it.

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2003-09-05 15:25 (link)
sucka bitch u dun stoled mah werd. big!gay all the way

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2003-09-05 16:12 (link)
It's because you are my role model. I'm trying to be like you, Chelle. Is it working? I have big standards to live up to.

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2003-09-05 21:10 (link)
Okay if you want to be like me you have a long way to go... first of all. You can't be so super hot, k? Let's start there...

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