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your kiss is like a loaded gun (a_guns_kiss) wrote,
@ 2004-03-04 19:23:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:[anthem of our dying day]

    there's nothing to say
    well hi.Last night me and my babie were talking.It was so funny except when he played with my head and tried to scare me. Help! we got off the phone around 11, he's phone died.I was so damn tired today, shitness. My art teacher said my painting was good(the sunset part) but it needed to be darker, that made my day.

    2nd period was so damn boring, the teacher kept on talking and making us take stupid notes. Spanish was boring I almost got detention.Ugh. lol...biology? These guys kept on sitting on my lap and feeling on me. I've been "bad" lately.

    I had to wait at what seemed like forever for laura, when she came out she was crying. My poor sweetie...the teacher accused her of plagarizing. That sucks so fucking much. Then I saw my babie and we hugged, I had to ride with his ex...kinda awkward.Oh yess..

    So me and laura went to her house and did our interviews. We went to her bf's house and he was sleeping in his shorts.I thought he was naked and he kept on giving me looks.Then later at her house he put his ass in my face and sat on me.Rape! Lol, then he lifted my shirt up and tried to look. He also tried to play with my hair and he asked how old I was.Ok..

    I just got home from eating dinner w/ my parents.I'm so fucking tired and I have 3 exams tomorrow. That's so gay. I miss my babie and I want some fucking alcohol.

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