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your kiss is like a loaded gun (a_guns_kiss) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 21:21:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:goldfinger

    I can't be happy w/out you,you can't be happy w/out me
    why hello. Today has been really shitty,seriously. We were supposed to go Atlanta but noo. Then we were supposed to go to Macon but my dad was bitching at my mom. So we ended not going anywhere which sucks dick.But then my mom took me to the local mall and we shopped some. I got a new bathing suit, it's cute. It's like blue with beach designs and there's beads on there. I still want another one though.You can't have more of anything.*wink wink*

    I fell asleep for a bit and studied my ass off for like an hour and a half. Freaking shitness! I had some free time and my bf and me talked. But then he called the cell. He said he smoked a lot of pot over the weekend and he feels it's still in his body. He acted like it over the phone! I decided to have my fun and tease him b/c I think people are so sexy when they're high. They tend to act a bit horny too,haha. So I kept on mentioning being horny and fucking band dudes. Haha.I told him about my gothic outfit and he was like "ooh you shouldn't of told me that!" Hahah,silly sweetie. I told him that we might be moving b/c my mom and dad are like arguing b/c my dad has to talk this big medical test and if he doesn't pass he can't be a doctor assisstant anymore.So yea..

    I just noticed that I haven't been much of a friend to JJ.Like whenever we were supposed to do stuff, I always canceled on her.And she's been kinda blah with her bf.I haven't been really considerate of other people's feelings.But you know that's me, the"slutty bitch."

    Fatally yours,

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