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YURA-Sama (_yura_) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 22:31:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:steady dripping resounding in my eardrums, breeding insanity

    Does it pain you to see me happy?
    Does it pleasure you to see me cry?
    Do you like to hear me scream?
    Do you like to hear me beg?
    Do you enjoy taking me from the one that I love?
    I hate you...
    I have for a long time, despite what you may think. I wasn't asking for it, I wasn't teasing you...I was trying to get away. I want you to die, to be buried...I want to laugh, to spit on your grave. I want to kill you with my own two hands, because I hate you. I want to watch your blood run from underneath my fingers, to watch the life spill from your gaze. I am no longer yours, no matter what you think. I never was yours, really... You've seen the marks, those were not borne of you. These marks I bear were borne of love, and there is no love residing within me for you. Carved into my skin is proof of what it true, and you will just have to accept that...

    I never asked to be your pet. I never asked to be your canvas for pain... I never asked to be your slave.

    I longer. I am no longer yours, for my heart belongs to another.

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2003-08-13 05:30 (link)
Yura... *hugs him tightly*

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