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Joe (_weallfalldown_) wrote,
@ 2004-10-25 11:36:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Funeral for a Friend _ The Art of American Football

    Shane Embry is an Asshole
    The reason that I say that this cockbite is an asshole is because of one simple truth: that son-of-a-btich failed me for no reason. He had no grounds for the shock and abuse of authority in which he excersied.

    Basically, Joe (which is me) has waited patiently and anxiously for the past 180 days for this time to come, and in return, Joe (me) is fist fucked by the hand of Mr. Embry. I show up early for my driver's test appointment, wait for a hour in which the instructor ends up being late by ten minutes, which, hey I did not mind one bit, I was nervous anyway and it gave me time to relax for once. After checking my lights, parking brake and other essential parts of my car, he directs me to back out and go in the right direction. Easy. He tells me to continue do a street at the speed limit, and in which it was 35 mph, and in which i matined a constant 35 mph speed. No problem so far. So then he directs me to turn right onto a residential street, and bring the car to a gentle stop at the top of a hill. I would like to state that there was no visible speed limit sign (because some ass conviently had a tree blocking it, and of course, this was my fault for not being able to clearly identify an object that was clearly present. {Attention to Sarcasm) Of course, i was going 25 mph, because on an unmarked residential zone you are alotted to go up to 35 mph, so technically, in absense of any sign, i was not speeding. But, Mr. Embry, he never looked up at anytime except to look at my speedometer, noticed i was legally "speeding". I then preformed every action that he directed, correctly, no flaws, no nothing, and he even noted i did not miss any points on these parts, and that i proceeded to excesie catiously throughout the examination. When we got to the parrelle parking area, he told me to stop at the cones, but, to his utter shock, we had already passed the cones when he stated this, and I would like to point out i wasnt speeding, but according to him, i was driving without a thought, in which i responded with: " I am only going where you tell me..." (thankfully, this filled him with anger). My parking was great, he couldnt take any points off of it. So we get done, back where we started. He then tells me, congratualtions, you got a 100 on your test... but you cannot get your liscene.

    What the fuck? <---- Thats what i thought too. Apparently i was speeding in an unreasonable and unsafe manner, indangering others around me. At one point when he had me go in reverse, he said i was speeding then too. Well, the speed limit on that road was 20 mph also, and i was going no more then 7 mph... which, is 13 mph under the speed limit. Hmm... But yet, I asked him, that in the manuel i had to study for my temps, i rememeber that it said that the driving instructor would have a 5 mph le-way for speeding. Which he even stated i was going 23 mph when he marked me for speeding. His response: I am doing my job, you can ask any sheriff in there. So, me being the vindictive bastard I am (which should be obvious by now), procedded to ask his supeor.

    (Re-enactment of Conversation)
    Joe: Excuse me sir, is going 23 mph in a 20 mph zone, is that speeding?
    Supeior: No, that is called human error.
    Joe: And what if the speed zone signs were unclear, or blocked, am I liable for "speeding"?
    Supeior: No, aslong as you were not going over 35 mph.

    So, I have this mans boss on my side, saying that it would be immpossible, and I also recieved a perfect on my exam, with Mr. Embry's comment of: "You are a very safe, cautious, defensive, and responsible driver..."

    Yet, I still did not recieve my liscene, and as of now, I have to wait till monday to get an appointment, but hopefully, under some pressure, this douchebag will give me an appointment this week.

    I have been fucked twice by the court systems in the past years... the bastards I say, but this by far was unfair and defintily far from impartial.

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