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x-xLindsEyx-x (_slinkysu_) wrote,
@ 2003-12-30 15:53:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:''Ride On Shooting Star''-The Pillows

    Updatesssss, WOOP!
    OKAY! So I'm updating! Wh3wt! First of all..Look kids..stop wasting your time posting usless remarks in my comments. Obviously, I don't care what you people say..And you're little words don't hurt me one bit. So stop wasting your time. ;D

    Well, besides all that nonsense..I've been doing pretty good. I seen Jory the other day, Haven't been to his house in ages. I un-locked more stuff in my Super Smash Bros. Melee game, wo0p! Nothing big is happening..New Years Eve is comming up reaaalll quick! Can't wait!

    Stephanie..Who down dere? o.o;
    S33 Y4 L4A73R!!!

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2004-01-02 06:01 (link)
if the posts mean nothing to you then why did you tell people to stop?

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Re: posts
2004-01-04 19:32 (link)
Well, it tends to full up my comments box..And it angers me because it's a comments box for NICE things..And things that matter to me..Not stupid shit..So I'd advise you all to shut up. >>;;

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Re: posts
2004-01-05 19:39 (link)
You tell people to stop with the useless comments, but yet you go and be your little immature self and say stupid useless shit to people over the internet. I don't get it? So..You stop wasting your time.
Grow up.
K thanks.

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Re: posts
2004-01-05 20:00 (link)
Wow, you're a lame ass..Just stop posting in my journal Becca, you're fucking retarded. Caio! =3

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Re: posts
2004-01-08 23:17 (link)
Sorry kid. It's not Becca.

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