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Trogdor the Burninator (_sacchi) wrote,
@ 2004-07-20 23:50:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Untouchable Face/Ani DiFranco

    "See? We didn't crash!"
    If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.

    FYI: All glorious moments will be starred. Here we go:
    Okay, so Sasha and I went running the morning (yes, I know. Yawn. Same old, same old). And I went back to KGP's--my mom was in New Orleans with Ron, so I was staying at her house--and showered and dried my hair. I scrunched it first, making it a bit wavy and wild. I felt sexy. Wheee.

    Anyway! The newly-licensed-driver Sasha recently *got her license* (OK, not my glory, but still glorious) so we went out joy-riding a bit, picking up Will (I passed her in a residential area on the way cause she was driving like a turtle. She promptly flipped me off). Then we called Stan and he said he might be able to get the car and join us at Panera. So we stop at Old Navy, see cheap Converse-rip-offs (which I chose to avoid like the clap) and Stan called my cell phone whilst it was in my car (Sasha gave him the number) and I called back and he said he needed a ride. I ran after her rusty pimpin' minivan to tell her I'd meet her at Panera after I went back to pick up Stan but she just drove away, so I told Will to tell her where I was going.


    Went to pick up Stan, talked and blasted music, we all hung out at Panera. Stan introduced me to *Jones Soda* (the cream soda is the best) and I fell instantly in love. With the soda. Not Stan. Anyway, we went to formerly-Six-Flags for all of 45 minutes (we all have passes, no biggie) and road three rides before going back to where I parked across the street (shh, I cheat). While we were there, Stan told me that *Champs sells Converse of all sorts of pretty colors for only $30*. I then fell in love again. With Converse. Not Stan.

    ANYWAY! We all went home. I drove Stan home, popping in an Ani DiFranco CD ("Dilate" to be specific). Turns out he likes her too. Says Mr. Paris (one of the 8th grade English teachers) introduced him to her. Which rocks. Because Ani is awesome.

    Okay, anyway, Sasha called me right before dinner and we decided to meet up at Old Navy at 8:30 with Fishman, Surbhi, and maybe....wait for it, drum roll please.

    *Konstantin, my hot little Russian boy*

    Okay, so I get there (*park across from a sexy-as-hell yellow Lambroghini* It was a convertible, which means it was asking to be stolen. But I restrained myself) and Sasha calls Kon and it doesn't sound encouraging: his family has guests, but we can go over really quick and say 'hi.' So we do just that. Fishman goes home (lives across from Kon, actually) and Surbhi and I chit-chat with Kon. When he walked out of the door I almost melted into a puddle. *Even more buff than I remembered.* *Sleeveless shirt.* *Sexy as fucking hell.*

    As Lucy Stover Hanover III would say: You just want to eat him up with a spoon don't you?! Get every last drop!

    Or something like that (don't ask).

    Anyway, he has my sarcastic humor and he teased everyone, *but especially me.* Which Jay says is a good sign. I think he's right (hope, really). The whole "pulling-the-pig-tails" thing.

    So we went to Mitchell's for ice cream, stopped at Border's briefly before it closed, and then I drove him home.






    We talked about Kramer's class and music and how summer was going and running and track and all kinds of fun shit. I even told him a bit about my crazy-ass family. And when he thanked me for the ride, I asked if he wanted to do something sometime. He said, yeah, aren't we all going to home days Friday (Sasha's arrangement). So I figure, OK, if that goes well, I'm going to ask him out. Or for his number. Or something.

    And that, my friends, was my day of thunderous glory.

    *bows grandly*


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