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Trogdor the Burninator (_sacchi) wrote,
@ 2004-06-26 00:09:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Shimmer/Fuel
    Everyone has taken a survey. Even those of us who say we hate them. They're usually long and annoying but we get sucked into the first 10-20 questions and can't let go. So we finish all two million more questions. Here I have a simple five question survey. Your answers can be long and extensive. They can be concise. You don't have to take it, for all I care! Nothing will happen to you if you don't.

    Here it is:

    the not-so-typical Survey

    1. I am a fanatic of...
    2. I want to pummel the lights out of...
    3. I miss from childhood...
    4. My favorite swear word(s) is (are)...
    5. If I ruled the world I would...

    the not-so-typical Survey

    1. I am a fanatic of...
    -Sex and the City
    -writing stories
    -IM goodness
    -Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
    -Beautiful men like Johnny Depp
    -roller coasters
    -Ben & Jerry's
    -Chipotle's toddler-sized burritos
    -Chinese food
    -cats (and other aminals)

    (Wow, an awful lot of those involve eating. Hmm...)

    2. I want to pummel the lights out of...
    -Kelly (for ruining Greg for the rest of Girldom)
    -annoying people that say "jkjk lol" all the time, especially out loud
    -dogs that shit in my room
    -step siblings that don't take care of their own damn dog and its shit, even though I cleaned the shit out of *my* room
    -Saddam Hussein
    -George W. Bush
    -Avril Lavigne
    -The whole damn Simpson Clan, now including Ashlee

    3. I miss from childhood...
    -stuffed animals
    -cool(er) birthday presents
    -snow days
    -free summers
    -not worrying about money
    -Scooter, the dog I almost had. He did not shit in my room.
    -higher self esteem
    -no yucky boys
    -tag (and other fun games)
    -singing on the swings and playing fun imaginary games
    -going to see every new Disney movie with my Daddy
    -thinking my Daddy is my hero
    -being able to fit in small spaces

    4. My favorite swear word(s) is (are)...
    -Fuck definitely wins. Fuck fuck fuck. It can be any kind of word. Noun, verb, adjective, adverb. Gotta love it.
    -I like schmuck, too. It sounds funny. And it's Yiddish for 'penis'. Hehe. Penis.

    5. If I ruled the world I would...
    -Kill Saddam Hussein
    -Bring World Peace
    -Unite the religions of the world, giving them the kick in the balls they always needed to realize that they're all the fucking same!
    -make Greg live on a desert island and die a virgin. Hah. I'm so evil.
    -end abuse of all kinds.
    -end bigotry, racism, etc.
    -create a healthy chocolate. Make it its own food group. Without killing its wonderfullness, of course.
    -ban annoying internet jargon. Make people speak in full sentences. Teach Americans how to speak their own fucking language. Give them an electric shock to the private parts when they fuck up.

    ex. Person A: How are you?
    Person B: I'm good.
    *electric shock to private parts*
    Me: Yeah, that's what I thought.

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2004-06-27 23:22 (link)
1. I am a fanatic of...
-Ben and Jerrys
-text messaging
-Johnny Depp
-Orlando Bloom
-writing stories
-driving in mah car
-anymals (yes, anymals-shortened version of any animals lol....except the creepy crawly ones and the uber ugly ones)
-Mitchell's Key Lime Pie ice cream....oommgg so good
-Broadway shows
-friendship bracelets
2. I want to pummel the lights out of...
-Geauga Lake and Cedar Fair L.P for working us like slaves
-Greg for being a major "schmuck"
-Ashlee and Jessica Simpson..i have to agree with Caitlin
-People who chew with their mouth open...i CANT STAND that
-people who make fun of me and my friends
-my daddy-dearest (gag)
3. I miss from childhood...
-running around playing made-up games
-running around playing real games like tag and such
-naptime in school
-sandboxes in school
-the majorly cool shows on tv
-SkyDancers and other majorly cool toys
-a lot of my friends living within walking distance
-new Disney movies
-thinking my dad was soooooooo cool
-no boys (cooooties! ew!)
-snow days
-playing dress up
-being able to fit in small spaces...oh wait..i still can..nvm hee
-no money issues
-my dog Biscuit, i remember the day she was taken away pretty vividly
4. My favorite swear word(s) is (are)...
-hmm dont really have one. i say "aw schnickies(schn-eye-keys)!" sometimes
5. If I ruled the world I would...
-*ahem* A quote from Miss Congeniality
Stan: "What is the one thing, our society needs?"
Gracie " That would be harsher punishment for parole violators Stan. *prolonged silence* a-and World Peace. (cheeky grin)"
-kill off mean people
-banish preps to a deserted island. (lyke omg, no shopping mallz?)
-make sure everyone knew the diff. between Good and Well.
-make everyone chew with their mouths closed. lol. see how much that bothers me? its sad really...
-end abuse and sadness
-make eating chocolate a law

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Re: lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
2004-06-28 18:12 (link)

You're supposed to post it in your journal. That's the point of surveys. People post them when they see them so they get passed around.


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