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Rusty (_rusty_) wrote,
@ 2003-10-06 08:52:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:"Family System"-Chevelle

    This morning when I was eating breakfast I was watching mtv (wow that's a first). They started playing afi, and they used to be really good until they came on mtv. I hate afi now, but I started making fun o the video. Then they played thursday, which kinda shocked me. The video is really boring, they don't really do anything in the video, all they do is...nothing really. lol. But that's weird that Thursday was on mtv. Oh well.

    I'm gonna be so bored today since we got no school. Everyone has a whole load of homework except me, which is good, but everyone is gone cause of homework. Damn.

    Last night I had on this Charlie Brown shirt, it has all of them dressed up in the ghost costumes on Halloween, and Charlie Brown's ghost costume has a bunch of holes in it. But the shirt glows in the dark, and I was up half the night staring at my shirt. I was too lazy to get up and change so I got no sleep last night.

    I am gonna go get something to drink and go downstairs and do laundry so...

    ~Signing off

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