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Rusty (_rusty_) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 09:38:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:311-beyond the gray sky

    Yesterday I went to see "School of Rock" with Erin. It was pretty good, but it was kinda predictable. There were some really really talented kids in there. The kid that played the drums was cute for being 10. Hahaha...And there were some kick ass bass and guitar players, especially for their age.

    This morning I woke up and my cat Tonks had my surfboard knocked down an was playing with the leash and the fins...I heard her and I said "damn you Tonks! It's 6 in the mornin!" then when I saw her playing with my surfboard that's 15 times the size of her I thought..."Aww, how cute!"

    I haven't read any good comic books lately. The last one I read was "Bear". I thought that it was too much like Jhonen vasquez. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Jhonen Vasquez, but I thought "Bear" was just a comicbook by a Jhonen Vasquez that got high and had something shoved up his ass. I was just bad. Jamie Smart (is that the person?) I bet would never had made that Bear comicbook if Jhonen didn't create comics...Ah well I'm gonna go get coffee and chill.

    ~Signing off

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