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Petey (_ratedx_) wrote,
@ 2008-05-19 01:07:00
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    Why Gays and Lesbians HATE Bisexuals? - article
    Why Gays and Lesbians Hate Bisexuals:
    Though they welcome us into their 'community'.
    The fact is that alot of bisexuals are mis treated
    by the very people who are mistreated because
    of who they chose to love.

    Bisexuals are mistreated by the lesbian and gay
    community often.
    Some of the insults are not limited to but include:

    Fence Jumper : Someone who sits on a fence and doesn't know
    which side to climb over.

    Not 100% ground beef only 80/20.
    Reffering to the fact that we chose other partners.

    There are no real bisexuals.
    Reffering to the fact that often bisexuals
    chose to live as 'gays' because they are not able
    to live up to their gay partner's expectation. Often
    bisexuals lie about being bisexual because
    they are threatened and put down by their gay
    partner until they tell their gay partner that they have

    Bisexuals are confused.
    Though there are persons who've been living with
    bisexuality longer than most gay couples have been
    together are we still considered confused.
    One would think that you would quit calling us
    confused after oh 5 or ten years of living and
    being active in this lifestyle.


    The following are articles found on the web to support the theory that bisexuals are 'hated' in the gay and lesbian community. There were plenty of articles to post. I just happened to pick a few. If you would like yours removed please email me at and remind me of where your article was posted (since this website is so large). Thanks
    Other articles:

    Fence-sitters. Closeted-dykes. We have all sorts of names for bisexuals, don't we?

    I made a new friend online the other day and we were discussing women who are bisexual because their husbands and boyfriends want them to be. I insisted those were not bisexuals, they were only women who were engaging (pathetically, I might add) in bisexual behavior just to please a man. How many of you conservative women reading this have done that? Don't lie either. I have it on good authority that there are plenty of you who have. If a woman has to "become" a bisexual to keep her husband interested in their sex life, that woman needs a new husband. But hey, people have to do what they gotta do, right?

    Those bisexuals don't usually concern lesbians because they're usually running in packs together -- looking for other married bisexuals. The ones who usually suffer the brunt of our harsh criticism are the ones who we feel are just playing with women until the right guy comes along. When I hear a lesbian say, "I don't date bisexuals because I don't want to have to worry about her leaving me for a man," I just cringe. Excuse me. What does it matter who she leaves you for if she's plannin' on leavin'? I guess it would equate to the same ego blow that men receive when their wives leave them for one of those women they were playing around with. Ouch!

    The insecurity of bisexuality. I think that's the problem so many lesbians have with bisexuals. I can't think of anything else. It would explain why someone like me (once married, mother of two, now lesbian) receives a much different reception among lesbians than a self-proclaimed bisexual woman does. Because I have identified as a lesbian, there's less risk that I would suddenly decide that a woman isn't what I want. Now, Sinead O'Connor blew that theory straight to hell when she removed herself from the last Lilith Fair tour and announced she was marrying a man. Talk about a surprise!

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to word this. I'm thinking relationships are at their strongest when two people enter them with the best intentions. The country is sitting at a 50% divorce rate, so obviously even heterosexuals can't get the relationship thing right. For lesbians though, I suppose the added worry is that bisexuals throw an extra wrench in the equation because now there's a variable that's really beyond your control at play. That's making a huge assumption (an unfair assumption) that bisexuals are flippant and less committed to their relationships than lesbians are.

    What I don't understand about our disdain for bisexuals though is that we embrace celebrities like Ani DiFrano who is bisexual, married to a man, and has a man running her record label. We call her a lesbian and we call her music "lesbian music." I'm not an Ani fan, by the way. I think her music is total propaganda, created to appeal to those people who want so badly to see her as a lesbian feminist. That's another blog entry entirely though. Also, there's Margaret Cho, who if you listen to her words carefully, always speaks more for and to male homosexuals. Don't get me wrong, Cho is funny as all hell and she's done much for promoting awareness of LGBT issues. But ya can't see her biases through your laughter.

    It's really bad to see so much strife in what's often called a community: the LGBT community. The lesbians have it in for the bisexuals. The gay men have a problem with lesbians (don't act like you don't). The lesbians sitting in their corner bitchin' about the gay men who kiss them to say hello: "if one more fag kisses me . . . " And everybody bitchin' about the transgendered people. We're not all putting knives in each other's backs, of course not. But there's enough of us behaving like that to where it makes enough of a difference.

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2008-06-16 20:41 (link)
I'm trying to find more active people on Blurty. Add me ? ;)

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