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☆::..[Pixie]..::☆ (_pixie_) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 18:20:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Duran Duran

    Some fucktard posted in my blurty saying that I was basically a tramp cause I talk about sex openly. So this little update is just for her. =D

    The other day I was so horny I couldn't take it anymore. I just started ragging two days earlier too, so sex was just out of the question. And I'm not one to like it in my pooper. So the only thing left for me to do was suck dick. And I enjoyed every minute of Jeff's hard cock im my mouth. Nothing better then the feeling of submissiveness. (is that a word?) But anyways all I wanted was to go deeper and deeper until every inch of his dick was in my mouth.

    And after he was done, all I wanted next was for him to fuck me like I was a very bad girl. I was so wet and ready for him. But alas, I will have to wait till Aunt Flo has left.

    Now bitch, how was that? I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. And once I get done ragging, I'll be sure to post every detail of the great sex I had with Jeff so the whole world will know.

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