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*__There'S a HELL of A LOT more to ME__* (_pinkitten_) wrote,
@ 2004-01-02 23:03:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Wonderwall~Oasis <==My Song to Robbie cuz he SAVED ME!

    Low Self-Esteem is Back
    Ya...I'm gonna be a loser and update on a FRIDAY NIGHT!! This sux...I don't go out at all. Damn, and that's cuz my 'rents are out of town! Oh, well...tomorrow will surely make up for tonite. The galz are gonna spend the nite at my house and it's gonna be kickin! I haven't had an SP since October. First one of 2004! It's gonna be so fun.

    Today Adri and I dropped my parents off at the Harlingen airport. They're going to Las Vegas for the weekend and will be back Monday night. Can we say PARTY!!! No. we can't cuz we have to watch over our grandma. She's not doing as well as she once wuz =( If anything happened to her I seriously don't know wut I'd do. She's a great grandmother...even if I don't show it to her.

    Adri dated a ghost!! I SWEAR!!! I seriously think he wuz and his final duty on earth before he could become an angel wuz to do a good deed on earth.

    Karina and I were supposed to go job hunting today....yes i have a job but i don't want to teach baton twirling anymore! I need a job that's everyday. I need $$ cuz i'm so expensive. Materialistic...shallow...a bad person! I'm bad. =( I suck. F*ck low self esteem! I don't think I'll ever get over it. I've lived with it all my life and I can't get past it. It sux. It can really affect me in ways that nobody sees. I don't do anything purposely to my body or looks but I alwayz think there's ways i could improve.

    So back to Karina...we didn't look for jobs after all. =P We went to the mall.'s my second home. Let me just say...we saw some hot guyz today! Why can't I land myself a guy like that? Cuz I suck that's why. Then we went to Harlingen just to go to that mall which SUCKED! Trust me, guyz, our mall kicks ass. We had fun talks on the way over there. We haven't talked like that in sooo long. Things have gotten really different between us..and I don't know why...but today made it seem so much better. We talked about EVIL things.....f*ckin pricks. I can never express anger or hurt so this journal helps a lot.

    We talked about Robbie. Maybe I shouldn't talk about him on my journal. Screw's MY JORUNAL! I should feel free to put wutever I want. I have no clue wut happened with him. It's as if evrything just....stopped. WHY?! I wonder if he still thinks about me.....? Maybe...maybe not. Who knows? I told her that if he were to come back I'd give him another try in a heartbeat. "Don't need to ask me twice!" We raced with sum guyz in a jeep. I didn't even know that there wuz a cop behind us! Scary! But we didn't get stopped but I did get scared.

    Now I'm home...bored...alone...Adri went out. Not with her ghost though. Damn, I'm bored. Good night, Guyz. Low self-esteem is a b*tch.


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    Ohh ya! I so kiss all the time! I haven't had a REAL KISS in almost TWO YEARS! Maybe it's starting to get to me....? I told Karina I'm gonna be a virgin for the rest of my life! (I'm hot a horndog guyz! LoL)

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2004-01-03 04:06 (link)
Dont worry i still luv ya

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