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Nicholas Timberlake (_nick_c_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 23:20:00
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2003-06-27 12:11 (link)
I say this once nicely before I kill.

Lay off of Davey kid. You're not man enough for him and you never will be.

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2003-06-27 12:15 (link)
I'm well aware. But it shouldn't matter what I think or say... You know he loves you.

You're a lucky bastard.

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2003-06-27 12:48 (link)
You're probably right. It doesn't really matter and I do know he loves me it just kind of urks me a little. It may be the whole issue I had with Jade. I was sure I fucked up one to many times for him to come back to me -shrugs- I just don't like people who blantly want him. I know he could do alot better then me. Secertly he does too.

I'm aware that I'm lucky. I tell myself that everyday.

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2003-06-27 13:22 (link)
I honestly don't think he can or WANTS to do better than you, Because if he did... he wouldn't be with you. I don't know what the whole Jade thing was about... but I'm merely a fan, and I can say, I'm happy for him and you as well. As long as he's happy... and you are too... fuck what everyone else says, right?

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