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::Mandy:: (_me0w_) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 13:12:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:"Thankful" Kelly Clarkson

    Hey Hey well i went to the fair friday nite n saturday too friday was sooo much fun i hung wit ang, amanda, mark, jd, daneille, derek, kim, mike, monica, katie n otha people me n ang were sooo hyper lol there were copz there n i cept sayin o shoot we got copz lol u had to b there n i cept doin this thing that i call the matrix lol i was soooo hyper we were playin truth or dare n ang had to go up to these people n say "therez a monster outside my room can i have a glass of water" lol i dun think she did it lol i had to like this italian ice stuff off jdz shoe lol neway that was friday nite saturday it was rainin but me n kim n amanda n ang were still riden the ridez in it lol so it was alright well thatz it leave me sum luv! ~!MaNdY!~

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2003-06-09 15:53 (link)
hey chicka! u are going to the splash party it will be fun and we will hang out come on its the first day of summer well i jus felt likeposting u so post me backlove ya bff! AnG

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